1.pngMinnesota Timberwolves All-Star Jimmy Butler left Friday night’s 120-102 loss to the Houston Rockets with a right knee injury.周五晚(美国纽约时间),明尼苏达州森林狼队以120-102不敌火箭队,全明星球员吉米巴特勒右膝伤退。Butler drove into the paint with about three minutes remaining in the third quarter, missed a short jumper, but then clawed the rebound. He dished to a teammate, then crumpled to the floor in pain, holding his knee.巴特勒在第三节还剩三分钟时,持球强攻进入油漆区,跳投球短,但个人抢到进攻篮板。在传球给队友后,痛苦地抱着膝盖卧倒在地。Teammates, coaches and athletic trainers tended to Butler, who had to be helped off the court. He was unable to put any weight on the leg as he was helped to the locker room, where he was being evaluated.队友,教练以及训练师见状,一起涌向巴特勒,协助他离开球场。他的腿部无法承受重量,由人搀到更衣室,其伤情还有待评估。Butler was seen hopping on one foot in the Toyota Center hallway as he headed to get an X-ray. He is scheduled to have an MRI on Saturday when the team gets back to Minnesota.在丰田中心球场的过道里单脚跳动之后,他被送到了X射线检测室里面。球队在重新回到明尼苏达之后,将在周六时间对其做核磁共振(MRI)检查。There was no immediate word on his condition, but he was ruled out for the game.球队对其当时的状况没有给出确切消息,但能确定的是他已退出本场比赛。Butler, 28, leads the Timberwolves with 22.4 points per game. He also is tops in the league in minutes played per game at 37.3, but drew criticism for choosing to sit out the All-Star Game.今年28岁的巴特勒,在森林狼队场均得分22.4分,全队最高。场均上场时间高达37.3分钟,但却落选全明星赛,对此球迷们多有指责。Butler told ESPN’s Cassidy Hubbarth prior to Friday’s game that he’d rather sit out the NBA showcase than miss time with Minnesota.在周五比赛之前,巴特勒曾告诉ESPN的卡西迪胡布巴特,他宁愿在明尼苏达的赛场上,也不愿呆坐在NBA的看台上。"I’m not going to say that I want to cut back my minutes [with the Wolves], but when I have an opportunity [to rest], I will," Butler said.“我不会说,我想减少我的上场时间,有机会休息的话,我会去休息的”,巴特勒说道。