1.pngIn celebration of the upcoming Spring Festival, China Central Television (CCTV) has teamed up with Chinese Internet giant Baidu to launch an online system that can automatically compose couplets.为了庆祝即将到来的春节,中国中央电视台(CCTV)与中国互联网巨头百度联手推出了一款可以自动合成对联的在线系统。Spring Festival couplets are handpicked by Chinese families during the New Year period to protect the household from evil spirits, or just to decorate their homes to liven the atmosphere in preparation for the holiday.中国家庭在春节期间精心挑选春联,为的是保护家庭不受邪恶的影响,或者只是为了装点自己的家,为节日的气氛营造气氛。Couplets are commonly comprised of two paper scrolls inscribed with auspicious sayings or good wishes matched in rhythm, length, and context.对联通常是由两张纸卷组成,上面刻着吉祥的谚语或良好的祝愿,它们的节奏、长度和背景都是对仗的。They are pasted down both sides of the front door of a house.春联一般贴在房子前门两侧。Another shorter scroll is usually pasted across the top of the door.另一幅较短的卷轴通常贴在门的顶部。Using AI technology, the Smart Spring Festival Couplets app created by CCTV and Baidu can write a pair of customized couplets within seconds according to the key words entered by users.使用人工智能技术,由中央电视台和百度制作的“智能春联”应用可以根据用户输入的关键词在几秒钟内写出一对定制的对联。Users can share a picture containing their AI-generated couplets to social media.用户可以在社交媒体上分享一张含有AI对联的图片。And they have a chance to win a pair of couplets painted by a high-tech calligrapher in the form of a robot arm developed by Dobot, a leading robotics provider in China.他们也有机会赢得一副高科技书法家的对联,这是中国领先的机器人供应商Dobot开发的机器人手臂。Couplets are not the only Spring Festival tradition to get a high-tech makeover in recent years.春联并不是近年来高科技改造的唯一传统。Another Spring Festival tradition is giving gifts of cash to bring good luck.春节的另一个传统是送些象征给人以带来好运的礼物。Alipay, the payment platform of Chinese Internet giant Alibaba, is now often used to send gift money during the Lunar New Year holiday.中国互联网巨头阿里巴巴的支付平台——支付宝,现在经常被用来在春节期间互送红包。Some Chinese traditions have also inspired their own advancements in machine learning, according to the Microsoft Research Blog.据微软研究博客称,一些中国传统也激发了他们在机器学习方面的进步。In 2015, an online Chinese riddle game was developed in Microsoft Research’s Beijing lab that can both quickly answer a user’s riddle and generates several riddles based on a Chinese character selected by a user.2015年,微软研究院北京实验室开发了一款在线中文谜语游戏,该游戏既能快速回答用户的谜语,又能根据用户选择的汉字生成几个谜题。