Never tried a fast? Let us introduce you to Shen Comix . In his own words he decided to embark on this project because: “The first week of 2018, I decided I wasn’t going to eat anything, because, I dunno, that’s just what I decided for the first week of 2018.”没试过绝食的滋味?容我介绍一下 Shen Comix。用他自己的话说,他之所以想要完成绝食的计划是因为,“在2018年的第一周,我决定不吃任何东西,因为,嗯,这就是我对自己2018年第一周做出的计划。This isn’t one of those fancy pants, Gweneth Paltrow style detox fasting programs that are so fashionable amongst the alternative health crowd. This is straight up, 7 days, no food. Simple as you like.这并不是明星大腕惯行的,Gweneth Paltrow式的断食排毒,后者在代餐养生人群中十分流行。Shen Comix所做的就是连续7天,不吃东西。简单到任性。Scroll down to check out Shen Comix’s hilariously emotional fasting journey, as he goes from temptation, to pain and euphoria. Makes you hungry just looking at it!往下看,悄悄Shen Comix搞笑又感性的断食之旅,他从饱受诱惑到忍受煎熬,最终获得精神升华。看着就让你饿了!I fasted for a week. Documented my experience in comic form.我一个星期没吃东西。用漫画的形式记录了我的感受。Breakfast Lunch Dinner早餐 中餐 晚餐Snack: Caloric supplement (240 cal) (very nasty)零食: 热量补充剂(240卡)(非常难喝)1.pngDay 1第一天——Oh God,I’m so hungry.哦天呐,我肚子好饿!——You can quit, you know. You don’t have to do it. You haven’t told anyone.你可以放弃呀,不是吗?你并不是非这么做不可。你还没对任何人说过呢。——I’m gonna tell the one friend who always roasts me.我要告诉那个经常黑我的朋友。——You fool. Now your pride is involved!你是不是傻!万一你做不到颜面何存呀?2.pngDay 2第二天This one goes out to an old love of mine. One that has left me, and moved on.这首歌献给我的一位旧爱。它已经离开我,开始了新生活。Food. Miss you, babe.饭饭。我想你,宝贝。3.pngDay 3第三天My sense of smell has been greatly enhanced .我的嗅觉比以前好多了。There’s chex mix at the gas station down the street.有人在街角的加油站吃零食。4.pngDay 4第四天AAAAAAA啊——All of my past injuries have come back to haunt me.我过去的伤痛又在脑海里重现,幽魂不散。AAAAAAA啊——I bet that’s the guy that came in and just stared at the chex mix.我打赌肯定是那个走进来盯着零食看的人。5.pngDay 5第五天This one goes out to a bitter old fling of mine.这首歌送给一段曾经的苦恋。Who I was too good for anyway.我这么好反正它也配不上我。Food, how could you do me like this!饭饭,你怎么能这么对我!6.pngDay 6第六天I…I don’t need food?我……我不需要食物?I don’t need food.我不需要食物。7.pngDay 7第七天All along…food was only holding me back.一直以来……食物都在阻碍我。8.pngDay 8第八天