1.pngA recent study by researchers at the University of Connecticut has shown that when one partner loses weight and adopts a healthier lifestyle, the other partner is likely to lose weight too.康涅狄格大学的研究人员最近的一项研究表明,当一方体重减轻,并采取更健康的生活方式时,另一方很可能也会减肥。The study, which was published in the journal Obesity, looked at weight loss programs of around 130 couples over half a year.这项研究发表在肥胖杂志上,研究了近半年来约130对夫妇的减肥计划。They found that when one partner is committed to losing weight and achieving their goals, chances are that the other partner will also lose some weight, despite not setting themselves the goal.他们发现,当一个人致力于减肥并达到他们的目标时,另一个伴侣很有可能也会减重,尽管他们并没有为自己设定目标。A three percent weight loss is considered to be significantly important in terms of health benefit.The study found that one third of the partners of the weight watchers lost 3 percent or more weight without making any efforts at weight loss.专家认为,减重3%在健康方面是非常重要的。研究发现,体重观察人士中三分之一的人无需费力即可达到减重3%或更多。The study’s lead author, Amy Gorin, a behavioral psychologist at the University of Connecticut, called it a “ripple effect”.该研究的第一作者,康涅狄格大学的行为心理学家Amy Gorin称其为“涟漪效应”。When one person changes their behavior, the people around them change.Whether the patient works with their healthcare provider, joins a community-based, lifestyle approach like Weight Watchers, or tries to lose weight on their own, their new healthy behaviors can benefit others in their lives."当一个人改变了他们的行为,周围的人就会改变。无论患者是否与他们的医疗服务提供者合作,加入以社区为基础的生活方式,如减肥中心,或试图减肥,他们新的健康行为可以使他们的生活受益。”Professor Amy Gorin, Lead Author and Behavioral Psychologist at the University of Connecticut.Amy Gorin教授,康涅狄格大学的行为心理学家。They looked at cohabiting couples (married or otherwise) and assessed them for three to six months.They divided the couples into two halves.One of the groups was the weight watcher groups where one member of the couple was part of a structured six-month weight loss program.他们研究了同居伴侣(已婚或其他),并对他们进行了三到六个月的评估。他们把夫妻分成两半。其中一组是体重观察小组,其中一名成员是六个月减肥计划的一部分。These people were provided in-person counseling along with on-line help to assist and track weight loss.In the other group, a four page health advisory booklet on weight loss and healthy lifestyle was handed out, and further follow up was made over the period of the study.这些人通过被提供现场咨询和在线帮助来帮助和追踪减肥。在另一组中,有四页关于减肥和健康生活方式的健康咨询小册子,并在研究期间进一步跟进。At the end of the study, both the groups showed some weight loss.Interestingly, the partners of these individuals who successfully lost weight did so either on their own (from the health advisory) or with the help of the program (weight water group) showed weight loss.在研究结束时,两组人都有减肥的效果。有趣的是,这些成功减肥的人,要么是自己(从健康咨询中),要么是在项目的帮助下(身体水分的重量)显示体重减轻。The team noted that the rate at which one of the partners lost weight was proportional to the weight loss by the untreated partner.A steady loss in one partner meant a steady loss in the other too.When one of the partners hit a road block losing weight, the other faced a similar block too.研究小组注意到,其中一方体重减轻的比率与未接受治疗的伴侣的体重减轻成正比。一方的稳定减重,另一方也会遇到相同情况。即当其中的一个伙伴撞上了一个减肥的瓶颈时,另一个人也会遇到类似的平台期。Gorin also looked at environmental and social factors that could affect weight loss.She noticed that eating habits, counting calories, eating low-fat foods and weighing oneself is an aped behavior that the partner is also taking part in.戈林还研究了可能影响减肥的环境和社会因素。她注意到,饮食习惯,计算卡路里,吃低脂食物并经常称重,会让伴侣模仿这种行为习惯并参与到减肥中。Ripple effects are not new.They can be seen in patients who are participating in bariatric surgery interventions.However, this is the first study to suggest that a ripple effect can be seen with everyday diets.连锁反应并不新鲜。在参与减肥手术干预的患者中就可以看到。然而,这是第一个表明日常饮食也可看到连锁反应的研究。According to Gorin, this ripple effect needs to be considered by treatment plans and healthcare providers advising people to lose weight, as other members of the family may gain benefit from dietary advice.根据Gorin的说法,这种连锁反应需要考虑到随着其他家庭成员可能会从饮食建议中获益,治疗计划和医疗服务提供者会建议人们减肥。Researchers are now planning to expand the scope of this study to understand more about the ripple effect.They warn that the results were mostly self-reported and therefore likely to contain some errors.研究人员现在正计划扩大这项研究的范围,以了解更多的涟漪效应。他们警告说,结果大多是自查自报的,因此可能会包含一些错误。