Since people care public recognition more than money, they will work harder to obtain public recognition even though there is no more money given.  People usually work hard in pursuit of money as well as public recognition. But it would be radical to say that they will work harder to obtain public recognition even thought there is no more money given. Public recognition is what we obtain naturally while money is a must in our lives.  To begin with, we all rely on money to satisfy our basic needs in order to survive. No one can subsist without any money. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the house we live in are all bought with money. There is a saying that ‘we cannot get everything with money, but we can get nothing without money’, indicating the significance of money to our lives. How can a person owning high public recognition but no money survive in today’s society? So if a job requiring more effort provides people with higher public recognition but with no more money, I doubt whether there will be anyone who want to undertake it.  There do exist people who pursue public recognition, but those are usually the rich who already have huge amounts of money. Only when a person has enough money, will the person seek to gain the acknowledgement of the society. It is money, rather than public recognition, that is the fundamental motivation of people who exert themselves to work harder. There are famous people doing voluntary work or undertaking charity cause, but they are just wealthy enough not to worry about money.  Further more, public recognition is not always something desirable. People who enjoy high public recognition may be envied by others. More commonly, people are likely to be too curious about their private lives, which will prevent them from leading a peaceful life like everyone else does. Therefore, it is not always intriguing to receive high recognition from the society.  To sum up, I do not believe that people regard public recognition more important than financial income. Even if there are indeed some people working hard for recognition, mere recognition will never be their ultimate destination.