It is more enjoyable to have a job which requires you to work only three days a week with long hours rather than to have one which demands you to work five days a week with shorter hours.  I would rather choose a job which demands me to work five days a week with shorter hours. Though three days of work a week will allow people four days of holiday in a row, during which they can go on trips, there are some drawbacks of working for longer hours and fewer days.  To begin with, working for longer hours for only three days does harm to people’s health. If every week there is three days when people get exhausted from their work, they are sure to run out of energy. The rest four days, on the other hand, is likely to be spent playing with friends. This style of living may well leave people’s life out of order. Take my experience for example. I have worked day and night for three days in preparation for an exam. And after the exam, I went on a trip with my friends. When I returned school, I was exhausted because of lack of rest. So it is not a good idea to work for long hours and have too long vacation.  Besides, having long holidays will keep you from working efficiently. People who work five days a week tend to work with low efficiency the day after the weekend due to the fact that they cannot adjust themselves to working immediately. Then what will happen to people working only three days while having four days off? They will be inefficient in one third of their working time. Let alone the fact they may easily be tired because they work too long on each of the three days.  Last but not least, working for five days a week enables people to keep up with the latest progress of their work. Usually situations change frequently and a project may require constant attention. If people work for only three days a week, it is probable that they ignore what happens on the days they do not go to work. Thus they may fail to adjust their project according to the changes in time.  To sum up, it is better to choose a job requiring people to work for five days a week with short hours, which will guarantee a health lifestyle, high efficiency as well as job quality.