It is often not a good thing for people to move to a new town or a new country because they will lose their friends.  Many people have had the experience of moving from one place to another. Some feels it a bad thing because they will lose their old friends in the place they move from. In my view, however, it is anything but a bad thing. Not only will we keep in touch with our old friends, but we will make new friends as well.  With the modern communicating technology, distance is never a barrier that keeps people from contacting others. Even if people to a new town or a new country, telephone, email and instant message will allow them to keep in constant touch with their old friends without any inconvenience. Take myself for example. When I entered college, I had to leave my hometown for Beijing, thus I was separated from my friends in my hometown. But I called them every weekend and we often chat online when we are both free. So distance did not make me lose touch with them at all.  Furthermore, it could even be a good thing to move away for people and their old friends. Instead of becoming estranged from each other, they will miss each other and thus become even more intimate. Not having conflicts over trifles, people will appreciate the merits of their friends more. There is a saying that ‘distance makes the heart grows fonder’, which means that when people are separated by distance, they may like each other more. So distance is never a obstacle between friends.  Moving to a new place allows people to make new friends, and that does not necessarily mean that people cannot maintain their old friendship. On the contrary, people can still stay in touch with their old friends, because one can never have too many friends. When it comes to my case, my old friends even came to be familiar with my new friends and they became friends before long.  In conclusion, moving to a new town or a new country will not make people lose their old friends. Friendship is one of the most precious things that we have and deserves to be cherished by us all our life.