Some people think that a university professor should focus time on doing research, while others think that the main role of a professor is to educate students in a university.  What is the main role of a university professor, to educate students or to do research? Some people believe that professors should focus their time on doing research, but as far as I am concerned, it is educating that deserves more devotion of professors.  To begin with, professors are teachers in universities, so it is their responsibility to teach students with absolute dedication and enthusiasm. University professors play an critical role in students’ learning knowledge and the methods for learning, by giving lectures in class as well as assigning them tasks to do using what they have learned. A good professor should be someone who can teach well and is patient with students.  In addition, taking education as the main responsibility does not mean that professors are not supposed to do research. On the contrary, those who have achieved success in research tend to be better teachers. Doing research allows professors to have a broader horizon, enabling them to seize the point of the science and technology today and to have a deep understanding of the knowledge they are going to teach. Furthermore, professors who do research well may offer their students better opportunities to do research in the field they study.  Admittedly, there are scientists who cannot teach well but stand out in their specialized field. Rather than teaching and doing research at the same time, I believe that they should concentrate on their research and not take the position as professors. There are many people who are merely researchers and whose achievement in their specialized areas is without parallel. As for professor, this occupation should be left to those who can give quality lectures and help students to learn well.  In conclusion, professors should regard educating students as their main responsibility and devote themselves to teaching. In today’s society, however, there are some professors who do not teach students with dedication. They focus on research merely for money, which will not only do harm to students’ study, but will hinder the development of science as well.