1.pngChinese top sprinter Su Bingtian refreshed the Asian record of men’s 60m in 6.47 seconds while winning the final of the 2018 International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Indoor Tour in Karlsruhe, Germany on Saturday.周六在德国举行的国际田联室内巡回赛卡尔斯鲁厄站男子60米决赛中,中国顶级短跑运动员苏炳添以6.47秒的成绩夺冠,同时也打破了该项目的亚洲纪录。Su sliced off the previous Asian record by 0.03 seconds, which was held by himself together with Qatar’s Tosin Ogunode.苏炳添将自己和托辛·奥古诺德(Tosin Ogunode)保持的亚洲纪录提高了0.03秒。Su shared his happiness on social media: "The 6.47-second record belongs to the national team. I’m enjoying the competition and running in a happy mood."苏炳添在网上分享自己的喜悦:“6秒47属于中国的时刻!享受比赛,快乐跑步!”The silver and bronze medals went to Yunier Perez from Cuba in 6.56 seconds and the United States’ Michael Rodgers in 6.60 seconds.亚军和季军分别是来自古巴的尤尼尔·佩雷斯,用时6.56秒和美国运动员迈克尔·罗杰斯,用时6.60秒Su claimed the men’s 60m title in 6.55 seconds at the ISTAF Indoor in Berlin on January 26.在1月26日的柏林室内赛,苏炳添以6.55秒的成绩收获赛季首冠。The IAAF World Indoor Tour is comprised of six indoor meetings, with athletes competing for points in designated tour disciplines.国际田联室内巡回赛包括六项室内比赛,运动员在指定的巡回赛中争夺积分。The 2018 tour will be staged over the course of 22 days, with further stops in Dusseldorf, Madrid, Boston and Torun.2018年的巡回赛将会持续22天,接下来的巡回站分别是杜塞尔多夫、马德里、波士顿和托伦站。At the end of the series, the individual overall winner of each discipline takes home 20 thousand U.S. dollars in prize money and a wild card entry to the World Indoor Championships.最终各项目得分总冠军能得到2万美元的奖金,而且还能得到室内世锦赛的“外卡”。