1.pngApple said it will offer free repairs, and reimburse past repair bills, for iPhone 7s that suffer from an Airplane Mode glitch.苹果公司表示,因为iPhone 7的飞行模式故障,它将提供免费维修,并赔偿用户过去的维修费用。The glitch was reported in September 2016 and caused phones that had been in Airplane Mode to have trouble re-connecting to cellular service.该故障在2016年9月被报道,并导致了在飞机模式下的手机无法重新连接到手机服务。Apple said the problem was due to failed component on the device’s main logic board.苹果公司表示,这一问题是由于该设备的主板出现了故障。iPhone users suffering from a curious "Airplane Mode" glitch that surfaced more than a year ago received a measure of vindication on Friday after Apple acknowledged the problem and to repair the problem for free.苹果用户遭遇了一种奇怪的“飞机模式”故障。一年前,苹果承认了这一问题,并准备免费修复这个问题。The issue dates back to September 2016, when some iPhone 7 owners reported that their phones were unable to reconnect to cellular service after coming out of Airplane Mode. Apple recommended rebooting the phone or re-inserting the SIM card as a solution at the time, according to reports.苹果用户的这一问题可以追溯到2016年9月,当时一些iPhone 7的用户说,他们的手机在走出飞机模式后无法重新连接到手机服务。据报道,苹果公司当时建议重新启动手机或重新插入SIM卡作为解决方案。But the company now says the "No Service" problem actually calls for the phone to be repaired.但苹果公司现在表示,飞行模式后的“无服务”问题实际上需要对手机进行维修。"Apple has determined that a small percentage of iPhone 7 devices may show ’No Service’ in the status bar (even if cellular coverage is available), due to a component that has failed on the main logic board," writes Apple in a support entry.苹果公司在一份服务条目中写道:“苹果公司已经确定,一小部分iPhone 7手机在状态栏中显示‘没有服务’(即使在通信覆盖的前提下),这是因为手机的主板一个小组件出了问题。”The news comes shortly after Apple has been in the spotlight for another technical issue affecting iPhones, with the company acknowledging in December that its software has been purposefully throttling the performance of devices with older batteries.这一消息发布前不久,苹果公司因另一项iphone的技术问题而备受关注。该公司在去年12月承认,其软件一直在有意地限制旧手机电池的使用性能。In addition to offering free repairs for iPhone 7s with the Airplane Mode problem, Apple said on Friday that it will reimburse any iPhone 7 owner who already paid to have this problem fixed.除了为iPhone 7提供免费维修的飞机模式问题外,苹果公司在周五表示,将赔偿所有已经自行解决这一问题的iPhone 7用户。