acknowledge  vt. 承认  She refused to acknowledge defeat. 她拒绝承认失败。  vt. 表示感谢  We must not fail to acknowledge his services to the town . 我们必须感谢他对本市的贡献。  vt. 表示认识,向(某人)打招呼 ;告知(信件、礼物)的收到,确认  acknowledge sb.’s letter 确认收到某人的来信  vt. 【律】公证  acknowledge a deed  公证一项契约  [难点]  感谢某人通常不说 acknowledge sb. 常用acknowledge one’s … with … 用…向某人的…致谢  He acknowledged the applause with a small bow.  他鞠躬以谢欢呼。  acknowledge 后接动词的ing形式,不接动词不定式。  He acknowledged having been frightened. 他承认受惊。  [词组]  acknowledge one's defeat  承认失败  It is universally acknowledged that... ...  是大家所公认的  acknowledge the applause  谢幕  acknowledge the corn  [美俚]承认为事实, 认输, 甘拜下风  acknowledge the superiority of  自认不如