This is a merry-go-ground that's going very fast, and none of the institutionsbelieve they can sustain the risks of trying to break away by themselves.  英语六级译文:  这就像是一个转得飞快的旋转木马,没有任何一个学校认为自己可以承担单独行动的风险。  六级词汇讲解:  本句为并列句,主干为this is a merry-go-round, and none of the institutions believe。前一个分句中that's going very fast是merry-go-round的定语从句;第二个分句中they can sustain the risks oftrying to break away by themselves是believe的宾语从句。  merry-go-round在句中意为“一连串繁忙活动,走马灯似的更迭”,其本意为“旋转木马”。  break away的意思是“脱离,逃脱”,其后通常跟介词from。如:  They broke away from the national union to form their own union.他们脱离了全国工会,组建了自己的工会。  by oneself的意思是“单独,独自”。如:  The baby can now walk by himself.这个小宝宝现在可以自己走路了。  英语六级考点归纳:  及物动词sustain有以下含义及用法:  ※ 意为“维持(生命、生存)”。如:  A good breakfast will sustain you all morning.丰盛的早餐会让你整个上午都精力充沛。  ※ 意为“使保持”。如:  You should try to sustain the audience's interest.你应该努力去保持观众的兴趣。  ※ 意为“遭受,蒙受”。如:  The town sustained heavy losses in the flood.该城镇在洪水中遭受了惨重的损失。  ※ 意为“承受,支撑”。如:  The floor won't sustain the weight of the piano.地板承受不了钢琴的重量。  ※ 意为“支持”。如:  There is no proof to sustain your views.没有证据支持你的观点。