1.pngXiaomi Corp has displaced Samsung as the top smartphone vendor in India, the world’s fastest-growing major smartphone market, a new report said on Thursday.周四,据最新报道,小米公司取代三星成为印度最热销的智能手机厂商,印度目前是全球发展最快的智能手机市场。Xiaomi achieved that performance within just three years. Lin Bin, president of Xiaomi, said if overseas markets maintain such strong momentum, the Beijing-based company will sell more smartphones in foreign countries than it does in China in 2020 or 2021.小米仅用三年时间就取得这一成绩。小米总裁林斌说,如果海外市场能保持这一强劲增势,这家北京的公司在国外市场的手机销量将会在2020或2021年超过其在国内的销量。According to the report by market research company Canalys, Xiaomi delivered nearly 8.2 million units in the fourth quarter of 2017 in India. Despite annual growth of 17 percent, Samsung failed to maintain its lead, shipping just over 7.3 million smartphones to take second place.根据市场研究公司Canalys的报告,2017年第四季度,小米在印度出货量近820万台。尽管三星有17%的年增长率,但未能保住领先劲头,以730万余台的出货量位居第二。Ishan Dutt, an analyst at Canalys, said "Xiaomi’s persistence has paid off."Canalys的分析师伊姗.杜特称:“小米的坚持已有所回报。”Its results are commendable, given that it entered the market just three years ago. Multiple factors have contributed to Xiaomi’s growth, but the key reason for its success lies in the autonomy that it granted its Indian unit, letting it run the business locally. Localization in channel strategy, marketing and products has been evident in Xiaomi’s Indian operations, Dutt added.杜特补充说:“考虑到小米在三年前才刚进入市场,它的成功值得钦佩。多重因素促进了小米的成长,但其成功的关键因素在于它让印度的分公司采取自治政策,用本地的商业模式运营。通过渠道策略的定位,小米印度公司的市场营销与产品都获得了巨大的成功。”Together, the top two vendors now command more than 50 percent of the smartphone market in India, with market leader Xiaomi at 27 percent and second-placed Samsung at 25 percent.目前,两大手机厂商占据了印度智能手机市场的半壁江山,其中市场领导者小米占有27%的份额,位列第二的三星占据25%。Xiaomi’s success in India will have far-reaching implications for its worldwide strategy, giving a big boost to its overseas ambitions. Having considerable business in the world’s largest two smartphone markets will build confidence in its partners as well as future investors, Dutt said.小米在印度的成功对其全球战略具有深远影响,大大鼓舞了其向海外市场扩张的雄心。小米在全世界最大的两个智能手机市场拥有大量业务,为其合作伙伴和未来投资者都带来了信心。Chinese smartphone vendors are stepping up their push into foreign countries because the market in their home turf has reportedly stopped growing and even started receding in some cases.中国智能手机厂商都在加快进军国外市场,因为国内本土市场已出现增长停滞,部分甚至出现逆增长。Growth in 2018 will be hard to come by. With the market continuing to shrink in China, smartphone vendors, including Xiaomi, must contend with slower growth for their smartphone business as they begin to expand in other countries, said Xiang Ligang, CEO of telecoms industry website Cctime.电信行业网站飞象网CEO项立刚表示:“2018年的销量增长不容易,随着中国市场持续缩水,当小米等智能手机厂商开始开拓国外市场时,必须为了商业份额与越来越慢的销量增长做斗争。”Oppo Electronics Corp, the second-largest Chinese smartphone vendor in China, said on Thursday it will soon march into European countries and Japan.周四,中国第二大智能手机厂商Oppo电子公司表示,它将尽快进军欧洲及日本市场。