1.pngChina’s airlines have started Wi-Fi service on planes after the country’s aviation authority issued a new document to standardize the use of Personal Equipment Data (PED) devices.在中国民航总局公布了个人小型设备使用新标准之后,在中国乘坐飞机,终于可以使用无线了。China Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines, two giant airlines in China, announced that the use of PEDs will be allowed in flight starting Thursday. Spring Airlines, a low-cost carrier in China, said it plans to allow the use of smartphones on airplane mode on its domestic and international flights starting Feb. 1, according to People’s Daily.中国两家大型航空公司,中国东航和海航周二宣布,个人小型设备可以在飞机上使用了。根据人民日报,中国廉价航空公司春秋航空称,从2月1日开始,旅客在其国际国内航班上都可以使用手机。PEDs refer to portable electronic devices such as personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and e-readers. Traditionally, the use of such devices was not permitted in flight for fear that they could influence the plane’s communication and navigation systems. But now, passengers can switch to airplane mode and stay connected on the free Wi-Fi service.个人小型设备指的是个人电脑,笔记本,手机以及电子书阅读器。以前,在飞行中,不准使用这些设备,担心影响飞机的通信导航系统。但现在,旅客可以转到飞行模式,链接到免费wifi。This means passengers are now able to use their favorite social networks such as Weibo or WeChat, have a video chat, pay for tax-free products or souvenirs by mobile, or just surf the internet.这意味着乘客现在乘坐飞机,可以使用各种微博、微信等社交媒体,视频聊天,购买免税产品和纪念品以及上网闲逛。The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) issued the guidance to provide more detailed information for evaluation and management. Electronic devices without an airplane mode feature are still not allowed to be used in flight. In addition, PEDs larger than the permitted size are only allowed to be used when there is no turbulence.中国民航总局公布了更为详细的评估和操作方法。没有飞行模式的电子设备仍然不许使用,另外,比规定大的个人设备只能在没有气流时使用。Some passengers on the China Eastern Airlines flight complained about the slow internet speed. A crew member responded that the wireless network is still in a trial phase, ThePaper.cn reported. The number of Wi-Fi users is also limited to one hundred.一些东方航空公司的乘客抱怨网速太慢,一名机组人员回应称,无线网现在仍处于测试阶段,据人民网报道,飞机上的无线用户被限制在100人。