1.pngI remember there is a sentence in the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona.我记得电影《午夜巴塞罗那》中有一句话:"She doesn't know what she likes but she knows what she doesn't like."“她并不知道她喜欢什么,她只知道她不喜欢什么。”This sentence is describing Cristina.这句话是在形容克里斯蒂娜。Back then I found this sentence really attractive. But that was when I was a foolish child and didn't know yet how hard life can be.当时,我觉得这句话真的很有吸引力。但那时的我只是个傻里傻气的孩子,还不知道生活能有多艰难。Now I find no charm in this expression. I only see confusion and pain in it.而现在,我已经觉得这句话毫无魅力。我只在里面看到了困惑与痛苦。Not knowing what to do is the greatest suffering in the world.不知道做什么,这真的是世上最大的苦难了。I've suffered it, in my life and in my career.我承受过这种苦难,在生活中和事业中都承受过。The beauty that I once assumed I would find in this state of vacancy never existed. It only seems to be beauty when you see it in someone else's life.我曾经以为这种真空状态里蕴含的那种美,其实根本就不存在。它只有在发生于别人身上的时候,才看起来是美的。When it happens to you. Believe me. It's not beautiful at all.当它发生在你身上时,相信我,真的一点都不美。Now I really cherish the goals that I've found or set for myself.现在,我真的很珍惜那些我为自己找到或者创造的目标。Life can only be happy if you find something to work for.只有当你有奋斗目标的时候,生活才可能幸福。So search for it when you still have time. End your suffering while you can.所以,趁你还有时间,去寻找他们吧。在你还有能力的时候,结束掉自己的苦难。