1.pngChronic pain affects roughly 100 million Americans, and 1.5 billion people worldwide. Pain is often invisible, in that one can have a chronic pain condition and appear “normal,” but have significant difficulty functioning physically and emotionally.慢性疼痛影响了接近1亿美国人和世界范围内的15亿人。痛苦常常是无形的,以至于人会有慢性疼痛的条件和出现“正常”,但是身体上和情感上有严重的困扰。Here are 5 simple, effective ways to help manage pain.有5种简单而有效的方法有助于应对疼痛。Mindfulness has been shown to have a number of benefits, including helping people be more resilient even to laboratory-induced pain. It can help reduce perceived pain severity and improve pain coping. Mindfulness has also been shown to reduce distress in general, help prevent depression relapse, alleviate insomnia, and foster greater self-compassion.1.正念被证实有许多益处,即使是实验引起的疼痛,也能帮助人们更加有弹性。这会有助于减轻疼痛的严重程度和提高应对疼痛。总体上,正念也被证明了减少痛苦,有助于于预防抑郁症又来了,缓解失眠还有培养更大的自我同情。Adopt an anti-inflammatory diet. Both pain and depression have been linked to increased levels of inflammation in the body. Adopting an anti-inflammatory diet consisting of mainly unrefined, primarily plant-based foods, and that includes good sources of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids from fish, flaxseed, and walnuts, etc. can help address symptoms of pain and depression and is good for overall health. In addition, spices like ginger, turmeric, and cayenne pepper also have anti-inflammatory effects.2.采取抗炎饮食。在身体上,疼痛和抑郁已经与炎症的水平提高有联系。采取抗炎饮食主要由粗俗而要以植物为主的食物组成,其中包括来自鱼类、亚麻籽和核桃等的抗炎的ω-3脂肪酸,有助于缓解疼痛和抑郁症状,有利于整体健康。此外,生姜、姜黄和辣椒等香料也有抗炎作用。Hypnosis can help you feel more comfortable. A growing body of research has found that hypnosis, which includes self-hypnosis, can help “turn down the volume” on chronic pain and reduce emotional distress, foster increased relaxation, and get better sleep. In fact, Mark Jensen and colleagues at the University of Washington have found that different types of hypnotic suggestions appear to target different brain structures, leading to decreased distress about pain, decreased pain severity, and can help you focus on developing a workable pain management plan. You can find a therapist certified in clinical hypnosis to work with, or begin by using one of the self-hypnosis audio programs available via iTunes, Google Play, and more.3.催眠可能会帮助你感觉更舒服。越来越多的研究发现了催眠,包括自我催眠会帮助“关量”的慢性疼痛和减轻情感痛苦,促进放松和睡眠更好。事实上,在华盛顿大学的杰森·迈克和他的同事们发现,不同类型的催眠建议出现在针对不同大脑的结构,导致了减轻痛苦的痛苦,减轻疼痛的严重程度,还有可能帮助你制定可行的疼痛应对计划。你可以找到一个在临床催眠中获得认证的治疗师,或者通过使用iTunes、谷歌播放等更多的自我催眠音频程序开始。Probiotics in supplements and probiotic-rich foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt and kefir have been linked to a variety of mental health benefits. Among these are decreased social anxiety and depression symptoms, and better gastrointestinal health. The latter is good for everyone, but especially important for those suffering from painful GI disorders such asCrohn’s disease, and others.4.益生菌补充剂和富有益生菌的食品如泡菜,泡菜,酸奶和牛奶已联系到各种心理健康福利。在这些社交焦虑和抑郁症状态下降,后者的每个人都是好的,但重要的是,为那些苦难和痛苦的胃肠疾病,如,克罗恩病,和其他人。Music has been found to reduce pain severity and improve pain coping. It’s also been shown to help reduce distress, increase feelings of well being, and help with sleep. The keys to making music therapeutic are to select music you like, listen attentively, and understand that the benefits will increase over the course of a given session of listening (after about ? hour). Aim for two sessions daily.5.音乐已被发现用于减轻疼痛严重程度性和改善疼痛的应对建议。它也被证明有助于减轻痛苦,增加情感福祉和学院,帮助睡眠。制作音乐治疗的方法是你喜欢选好音乐去倾听和理解带来的好处将超过一个给定的会话博亿堂课程的增加(约?小时)。每日两次。