1.pngHave you ever failed?你曾经失败过吗?If you haven't, I suggest you try some.如果你没有,那我建议你去尝试一下。I have failed, many times.我失败过,太多次了。And some of these failures were even painful.而这些失败之中有一些是很惨痛的。But I cherish them more than I cherish my success.但我珍惜它们,更甚于我珍惜我的成功。Success sometimes makes you numb .成功有时候会让你麻木。But failures make you awake. Failures are cleansing.但失败则会让你清醒。失败让你觉得神清气爽。Failing is not necessarily losing. Neither does a failure make you a loser.失败并不一定意味着输。失败了,也并不代表你就是个失败者。Failing is just the name we give to the state you stay in until you succeed.我们只是用失败来称呼成功之前的那种状态而已。A failure is a precious opportunity to learn new things.一次失败是一次学习新东西的好机会。And trust me. You always rememeber what you learn in failures better than those you learn in success.而且,相信我。你永远会把失败中所学的东西记得比成功中所学的东西更牢固。Failing doesn't mean you lost something forever. It only means that you didn't get it yet and you have to find another way to get it.一次失败并不意味着你就永远失去了什么。它只是意味着你现在还没得到它,而你需要想另一个办法去得到它。And isn't that a treature? A new direction to think.而这难道不是一份宝藏吗?一个全新的思考方向。Don't pray for easy success. That' a curse.请不要祈求唾手可得的成功。那是一种诅咒。Pray for hard failure.去祈求重大的失败吧。As long as it doesn't kill you, it will definitely make you stronger.只要它没能将你杀死,那它必将使你更强大。