1.pngThe Ministry of Education said Sunday that it would work with other departments to establish a sound long-term mechanism to prevent sexual harassment at universities and colleges, thepaper.cn reported.据澎湃新闻报道,教育部周日表示,将与其他部门合作建立健全的长效机制,以防止高校再次发生性骚扰事件。Beihang University, a well-known Chinese university, announced Thursday that Chen Xiaowu was stripped of his post as executive vice-president with the university’s Graduate School and his teaching certificate was also canceled.中国名校北京航空航天大学周四宣布,陈小武被免去了研究生院常务副院长职务,他的教学资格也被取消。The university said that the decision was made after an investigation conducted by the school found that "Chen did sexually harass female students."北航表示,这一决定是在学校进行调查后做出的。调查发现陈晓武性骚扰女生事件属实。The ministry said Sunday that it would cancel Chen’s title as Changjiang Scholar, and would rescind all awards.周日,教育部表示,将会取消陈的长江学者头衔,也废除所有奖励。The ministry reiterated its zero-tolerance policy on any behavior that harms students. The ministry would investigate and never tolerate such behaviors.教育部反复强调了对伤害学生的任何行为的零容忍政策。教育部将调查并绝不容许这种行为。In early January, a former doctoral student of Chen, Luo Qianqian, posted a weibo article accusing him of sexually harassing her and several other students.1月初,陈小武的一名前博士生罗茜茜在微博上发表了一篇文章,控诉他性骚扰她和其他几个学生。She wrote that Chen tried to force himself on her after luring her to his sister’s house more than 10 years ago. She managed to leave the house unharmed after she began crying.她在微博中写道,10多年前,陈小武引诱她到陈小武妹妹家里,试图强迫她(发生性侵),她哭着向陈小武求情,才得以毫发无损地逃出。Luo reached out to other victims and formed a WeChat group with them to share their experiences and collect evidence before submitting it to the university.罗茜茜联系了其他受害者,并与她们组建了一个微信群,分享她们的遭遇,收集证据,随后上报学校。