1.pngNearly one in third of Chinese preschool children spend more than 30 minutes online each day for entertainment, according to a study result released this weekend.根据本周的调查结果显示,近三分之一的学龄前儿童每天花费超过30分钟在电子游戏娱乐上。The study, conducted by an education research center under the China National Youth Palace Association, found that about 29 percent of children aged between three and six spend more than half an hour online everyday.这项由中国青少年宫协会下属的教育研究中心开展的研究发现,约有29%的三到六岁的孩子每天上网超过半小时。For children aged 14, over 60 percent of them are online for more than 30 minutes everyday.对于14岁的孩子,其中超过60%每天上网超过30分钟。The study also showed parents are rarely aware of their children’s internet activity.该项研究还表明,很少有父母了解他们孩子的网络活动。