1.pngNo man is an island, entirely of itself; Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.没有人是一座孤岛,每个人都是大陆的一片。Each of the Chinese people are part of a vast country with 1.3 billion others.十三亿分之一的你我,组成了这个有着13亿人的泱泱大国。The 1.3 Billion Series has published 45 episodes as of Dec. 26, 2017. This series began publishing on various social media platforms, including CGTN, the CGTN app, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter , Weibo and WeChat.在过去的一年,CGTN新媒体原创系列《十三亿分之一》共讲述了45位中国人的故事。有年少青涩、青春芳醇,亦有中年沉重、暮年回香尽我们思量。走近他们的故事,就像走进我们心里的那个人、那个梦想、那个故乡,也许并非真实存在,却是一个不变的碑石,在每回想起、每次相遇时,有一点光,一点温暖、一点希望。我们不只告诉人关于这世间的美丽,而是唤起沉睡着的美丽的心。在卑微里,看到生命的尊严。在天寒岁暮中,看到山河明媚。Our website will continue to present the stories this year, and we hope hear your story in 2018.2018年我们还会继续这个节目,把心交给读者,把镜头交给您。让我们一同来创作这个民族集体的生活的抒情诗。当我们侧耳倾听,十三亿人的故事,正从四面八方涌来。We chose 12 stories from 2017 to share with you.以下是我们选取的2017年的12个人物与大家分享。2.pngWang Deshun王德顺-年岁有加,并非垂老,理想丢弃,方堕暮年。At the age of 79, Wang Deshun strutted down the catwalk like a warrior king. Chinese netizens dubbed him “China’s most handsome grandpa.”50岁健身;65岁学习骑马;70岁进入影视圈;79岁上T台。生命就是浩荡地前行,每一天都有新开的花和初升的太阳。3.pngWang Fuchun王福春-1978-2017,一个铁路摄影师镜头下的中国His photos document the country’s transformation from one of steam locomotives to bullet trains, which embody China’s huge progress in the past three decades.一切逸去的,在他的光影里,留下余音遗响,活色生香。4.pngLin Ping林萍-每个人的妈妈都是菩萨,母心就是佛心。In 2009, Lin Ping donated half of her liver to a little girl who was diagnosed with a grave liver disease. "Sometimes, I think that my liver is good and healthy in her body. It makes me feel very happy."2009年,林萍将自己一半的肝脏无偿捐给了一位9岁的小女孩。“想到我的肝在她的身体里面健康地生长,我真的很开心。”5.pngLiu Yidan刘懿丹-“我们没有任何理由去杀害它们,更不能去吃它们。”Animal rights activist Liu Yidan has devoted her life to wildlife protection. She’s harassed by poachers threatening to kill her. But Yidan is not intimidated. “When I see these (captured) birds and frogs return to nature, it feels like watching children return home to their mothers.”每一天,她都会收到偷猎者的骚扰短信,威胁要杀她灭口。但是懿丹并没有因此退缩。“每当我看到这些野生动物被我们救下来,看到这些青蛙、这些鸟回归了大自然。就像自己的孩子找到了家一样,找到了妈妈一样。”6.pngA Shan老同志阿山-“每一个人都是独立的存在。有自己的苦难。尊重自己,也要尊重他人。”A Shan is a 63-year-old man who belongs to China’s lost gay generation. He started building the oral history of Guangzhou’s older gay community, with the hope that people can learn from it and better understand the LGBT community.包容是时代进步的原因。口述史让人们了解那个年代,深藏“柜”中的岁月人生。也让年轻人在冷漠或无知的津渡,找到源源不绝的生命之泉。7.pngWang Chunsheng王春生-“孩子是祖国的未来。”Wang Chunsheng is a vaccination doctor at a remote county in central China’s Hunan Province. He has spent over 38 years traveling over the mountains to vaccinate local children. “Children are the future of the country,” said Wang Chunsheng.38年,10万公里,骑坏4辆自行车,5辆摩托车,为6000多个孩子接种疫苗。爱的开始是慈悲的涌动,爱的最后是无尽的苍穹。8.pngLiang Ting梁挺-“以德服人为王,以武服人为霸。”Leung Ting follows in the footsteps of the great master Ip Man (Ye Wen) and practices Wing Tsun. In 1968, Leung became the first kung fu master to teach Wing Tsun in Hong Kong’s colleges. He established the International Wing Tsun Association and it now has over 4,000 branches in more than 60 countries and regions.“留情不出手,出手不留情。”真正的功夫是内敛的,是修炼我们内在的武林。他让“秘而不传”的咏春拳术蜚声国际,但更重要的是,让中国武术文化发扬光大。9.pngYao Pingru饶平如-“相思始觉海非深。”When Meitang died in 2008, her husband Pingru began learning to paint at the age of 87 to record their daily life.幸福是对生活的锤炼。无论战争、生死、穷困,爱心永不离。只有在这时,才能称之为,真正的夫妇。10.pngYang Guoqing杨国庆-“孩子,我接你回家。”Yang Guoqing operates a deli in Beijing’s Changping District. In the basement of his deli, he set up a small memorial hall that contains display of helmets, shells, even human remains. He spent decades searching the battlefield of the Nankou Campaign and set up his shrine as an “overdue monument” to those martyrs in the wilderness.真正的不同,人们是看不见的。杨国庆,是北京一家熟食店的老板。一身绿色的美式军装,与他手中的酱肉显得格格不入。正是他,让南口战役拉回人们的视野。11.pngGai Junyi盖钧镒-“只要中国人吃的是自己种的大豆,我的坚持就有意义。”Gai Junyi has dedicated 60 years of his life to studying soybeans in China and has spent two decades collecting soybean seeds. These jars contain 18,000 kinds of seed, making it the world’s largest soybean germplasm repository, and a Chinese scientific treasure.有一个人,将一甲子的岁月献给了一粒小小的大豆。不能胜寸心,安能胜苍穹?择一事,终一生,足矣。12.pngLin Lanzi林兰子-“他们吃着阳间饭,干着阴间活,给人们带来了光明。”In the darkness of the pits, coal miners were so completely covered in soot that people could only see their white teeth. Painter Lin Lanzi used heavy brush strokes to portray these miners. His paintings paid tribute to ordinary Chinese workers.“投我以木桃,报之以琼瑶。”矿工兄弟冒着危险为人间带来了光明,依靠一双被染黑的手,把钱挣得干干净净。林兰子笔下的焦墨画,是对底层劳动者的礼赞,也让我们看到,真正的艺术,源于苦难。13.pngWang Weili王伟力-中国第一家盲人电影院,13年里陪盲人“看”了686场电影In 2009, Wang Weili established a cinema for blind people called the “Xinmu Cinema”. "Xinmu" literally translates to "seeing with the heart".颂一扇晴窗,飞进春花,就有春花;飘进萤火,就有萤火。我们不是相送,而是相映,能映照出互相的光明。