(In American English, a summary of your work history is typically known as a résumé; however, in British English, the word CV (the abbreviation of curriculum vitae) is preferred. For the purposes of this article, we will use the word CV to refer to both.)(在美式英语中,你工作经历的总结通常被称为“简历”;然而,在英式英语中,单词CV(简历的缩写)是首选。考虑到本文的目的,我们将使用“CV”这个词来指代两者。)First impressions are crucial. When you meet people, you weigh them up within seconds. Are they organized, dynamic, trustworthy? Employers reading your CV effectively ‘meet’ you for the first time. They ask themselves the same questions about you and make their decision within seconds.That is why making the right first impression with your CV is crucial.第一印象是至关重要的。当你遇到别人的时候,你会在几秒钟内对他们有一个初步衡量。他们是做事有条理的、有活力的、值得信赖的吗?雇主们通过第一次看你的简历,来有效地第一次“预见你”。他们会问自己同样的问题,并在几秒钟内做出决定。这就是为什么写好简历,用它形成良好的初次印象如此至关重要。1.Make your CV easy to read1. 让你的简历易于阅读Research shows that one thing recruiters expect in a CV is ease of reading. By making yours easy to read, you are demonstrating a valuable transferable skill from the outset: the ability to present information in a coherent, appealing manner. Ways of making your CV easy to read include:研究表明,招聘人员在一封简历中,期望的一件事是容易阅读。通过让你的简历更易于阅读,你从一开始就展示了一种有价值的可转移技能:以一种连贯的、吸引人的方式呈现信息的能力。让你的简历易于阅读的方法包括:a brief summary of where you are now and where you want to goshort sentences and paragraphsclear headings for the standard parts of the CVgood use of bullet pointsappropriate typefaces简要总结一下你现在的职位和你想去的职位简短的句子和段落简历中标准部分的清晰标记很好地利用要点适当的字体2.Use language employers want to hear2.使用雇主想要听到的语言The key points you write about your experience and skills must match those required for the job as advertised. Mirror key terms used in the ad, but avoid repeating word for word what the ad says. Find the right ‘tone of voice’. Your language does not need to be overly formal—but do not be too informal either. And avoid unnecessary jargon.2.使用雇主想要听到的语言你所写的关于你的经验和技能的关键点,必须与招聘广告所要求的相符。提到在广告中使用的关键字,但是避免重复这个广告所说的词。找到正确的“语气”。你的语言不需要过于死板,但也不要太随便。避免不必要的术语。3. Presentation is everything3.展示就是一切Think of your CV as an advertising brochure: it is advertising you. It should be as visually attractive as you can make it. At the very least, it has to be neat and tidy. Using lots of different typefaces will make it look cluttered and untidy. Choosing the right type size is also important.把你的简历看作是一个广告宣传手册:它是在为你做广告。你应该尽你所能把它制作的有视觉吸引力。至少,它必须是干净整洁的。使用大量不同的字体会使它看起来凌乱而松散。选择合适的字体大小也很重要。And never print your CV double-sided.永远不要把你的简历双面打印。4.Be concise yet informative4.简明扼要,但内容丰富The standard length for a CV is two pages (on separate sheets). If you write more than that, for most jobs it is unlikely to be read. However, if you have more than 10 years of work experience, your CV may be longer. Your challenge is to condense your experience, career history, skills, and talents in the most effective way.简历的标准长度是两页(在单独的页面上)。如果你写的更多,对于应聘大多数工作来说,它不太可能被阅读。然而,如果你有超过10年的工作经验,你的简历可能会更长。你的挑战是用最有效的方式浓缩你的经验、职业生涯、技能和才能。Every word you use has to count, has to have a purpose. In a CV, short is good. Short words, short sentences, short paragraphs.你使用的每一个词都要数,必须表达一个目的。在简历中,精简至上。短词,短句,短段。5. Edit your CV with a fine-tooth comb5.反复梳理,编辑你的简历Employers automatically reject a CV containing spelling mistakes or typos. This is fact, not just a myth invented by teachers and lecturers. That means you must make sure your CV is absolutely typo-free and has correct grammar.雇主会自动拒绝含有拼写错误或打印错误的简历。这是事实,而不仅仅是老师和讲师所编造的神话。这意味着你必须确保你的简历绝对没有打印错误,并且有正确的语法。And do not rely on spellcheckers. They accept things like ‘there responsibilities include’ instead of ‘their responsibilities’.而且不要依赖拼写检查。他们接受“责任包括”这样的事情,而不是“他们的责任”。6. Dynamic verbs make a good impression6.动态动词能给人留下好印象Your CV should make it clear what you have achieved to date. That will give employers a clue about what you will be able to achieve. Active, dynamic verbs put the emphasis on your achievements.你的简历应该明确你目前的成就。这将给雇主提供一个关于你能达到什么目标的暗示。积极的、动态的动词会把重点放在你的成就上。For example, ‘I devised and implemented a new system’ makes your active role very clear. Writing ‘I was responsible for a new system’ would be ambiguous: did you invent it, or did you merely manage it?例如,“我设计并实施了一个新系统”,使您的活动角色变得非常清晰。写“我对一个新系统负责”将是模棱两可的:你是发明了它,还是仅仅是管理它?7. Know what to include, what to exclude7.知道包含什么,删除什么There is no set pattern for CVs, but they all must include certain things, such as personal details and skills and qualifications.简历信没有固定的模式,但它们都必须包含一些特定的内容,比如个人信息、技能和资格。You are not obliged to include your interests, though people usually do.However, if you can present them in a way that highlights skills relevant to the job, including them is beneficial.It is not necessary to state your nationality.You do not have to give the names of referees at this stage, unless the ad specifically requests them.Depending on the level of job applied for, if you have already had a couple of jobs or so, you do not have to elaborate on your performance at university or college.你不必把你的兴趣包括在内,尽管人们通常会这样做。然而,如果你能以一种突出与工作相关的技能的方式展示他们,写上它们是有益的。没有必要说明你的国籍。在这个阶段,你不需要给出介绍人的名字,除非广告特别要求。根据申请的工作水平,如果你已经有了几份工作,你不必详细说明你在大学或大学的表现。8. Decide what type of CV suits you8.决定什么类型的简历适合你There are three main types:有三种主要类型:Chronological, which lists your career history in reverse chronological order, with your current job described first.1.时序型,就是按时间顺序列出你的职业经历,你现在的工作是先描述的。Functional, which concentrates on your experience and transferable skills.2.功能型,它专注于你的经验和可转移的技能。A one-page summary, which condenses your career history and dynamically summarizes your key strengths.3.一页总结型,它浓缩了你的职业生涯,并动态总结了你的主要优势。