1.pngWhy is Starbucks so expensive?为什么星巴克这么贵?获得13.5k好评的回答@Sanjai TripathiThree parts to this question:这个问题有三部分:Why is the cost structure of Starbucks high;为什么星巴克这么贵Why are they able to charge such high prices;为什么星巴克可以这么贵;And why do they choose to charge such high prices?为什么星巴克要这么贵?Regarding the cost structure, as others have pointed out, they have a high cost model for producing coffee beverages (and other products). 说到成本结构,像其他人指出的一样,在他们的咖啡制造商业模型中很高的成本(他们也生产其他产品)。Principally, they are often located in high rent areas, and are optimized for service quality rather than cost-efficiency.主要来讲,它们经常开在租金很高的地段,而且使服务水平最佳化,而不是追求成本效益。Regarding how they are able to charge such high prices, it's largely a product of branding and convenience. 说到他们怎么能要价这么高,很大程度上是因为这集品牌和便利于一身的产品。Though I wouldn't say they are out of line with other independent coffee shops, so the branding perhaps isn't even that marginally important, other than attracting customer volume.虽然我不会说他们和其他非连锁咖啡店有多不一样,所以最重要的是吸引消费者,相比之下品牌不是那么重要了。Regarding why they choose to charge such high prices ... because they can.至于为什么他们选择要价这么高..因为他们可以要得这么高。