1. First of all, don’t panic. It does not help. Make a plan how you will use the time available in the most effective way.1.首先,不要惊慌。它不会有任何帮助。制定一个计划,你将如何以最有效的方式利用可用的时间。

Be realistic. You can’t learn English in two or three months but you can improve a lot. You can activate your passive knowledge. You can get into the practice. You can refresh what you learnt years ago. You can learn basic vocabulary to survive in a foreign country or just to pass an exam.现实一点。你不可能在两三个月内学会英语,但你可以提高很多。你可以激活你的被动知识。你可以参加这个练习。你可以更新你多年前学到的东西。你可以学习基本词汇在国外生存,或者只是通过考试。

2. Be focused. You must practise what you really need. Is it a job interview? Then practise that with a private teacher every day. Brainstorm what you may be asked in the specific situation. You can’t learn everything but you can prepare for a specific situation.2.聚精会神。你必须练习真正需要的东西。这是一场工作面试吗?那么每天和一位私人教师练习。头脑风暴你可能被问到的具体情况。你不能什么都学,但你可以为特定的情况做准备。

3. Deal with it as much as you can. Learn English every day, every hour, every second. Live with it. Sleep with it. There is no minute to waste. If you are lazy, you may miss your goal.3.尽你所能地学习英语。每天、每一小时、每一秒都要学习英语。把它当成生活的一部分,睡觉也要学英语。没有时间可以浪费。如果你很懒惰,你可能会错过你的目标。

4. Unless you need to learn general English, it might be better to get a private teacher who can focus on what you really need. A language course with more students could be cheaper but you will not have the opportunity to speak as much as you can in a one-to-one lesson. Moreover, in a pre-planned course with others in the same group you can never have that tailor-made approach that is the advantage of a private lesson.4.除非你需要学习一般的英语,否则最好找一个能专注于你真正需要的人做私人老师。拥有更多学生的语言课程可能更便宜,但你将没有机会在一对一的课程中尽可能多地发言。此外,在事先计划好的课程中,与同一组的其他人一起,你永远不会有那种量身定制的方法,这是私人课程的优势。

5. Use technology. We live in the 21st century and that has a lot of advantages and solutions that we can exploit. You can download materials from the net. You can put listening texts and dictionaries on your smart phone. You can have online lessons and you even save travelling time and learn English instead. Common sense. Use these techniques.5.使用技术。我们生活在21世纪,这有许多我们可以利用的优势和解决方案。你可以从网上下载资料。你可以在你的智能手机上放上博亿堂原文和字典。你可以上在线课程,甚至可以节省旅行时间,学习英语常识。使用上这些技术。

6. Never get disappointed. You will probably feel sometimes that you are not making progress. This is always part of the language learning process. If you put maximum energy and effort into your project, you will achieve a lot. This is obvious. Never doubt it. So think of your goal every day and do your best. There is nothing else you can do anyway.6.永远不要失望。你可能会觉得有时你没有取得进步。这是语言学习过程的一部分。如果你把最大的精力和精力投入到你的工作中,你会得到很多。这是显而易见的。永远不要怀疑它。所以,每天都要想着你的目标,做到最好。除此之外,你也无能为力。