When talking about the way l learn English,I would talk about the way I remember newwords and the way to increse my vocabulary.在谈到学习英语的方法,我想谈谈我记忆新单词,增加词汇量的方法。A lot of my friends asked me how toincrease their vocabulary.The way I increse the vocabulary is to watch some American movies and try to understand it without the Chinese subtitles or listen to some Englishnews to practice my English listening skills.By this way, you cannot only practice your English skills but also broaden your horizon.Reading English books is also a good choice.Good luck to learn your English well.我的很多朋友问我如何提高他们的词汇,提高词汇是我看一些美国电影,试着去理解它没有中文字幕或听一些英语新闻来练习我的英语博亿堂能力。通过这种方式,你不仅可以练习你的英语技能的同时,拓宽你的视野。读英语本书也是一个不错的选择。学习英语的好运气。