1.pngMy wife, Loretta, who had terminal pancreatic cancer, received a package containing a beautiful white ceramic swan.我的妻子洛蕾塔得了晚期胰腺癌。她收到了一个包裹里面装着一只陶瓷天鹅。It had cost $100, and our bills were multiplying rapidly.它价值100美元,而当时我们(用于医疗等方面的花销)已经如流水。“How could you do this?” I burst out.“你怎么可以这样?”我咆哮道。“I ordered it a long time ago. I really wanted it,” she replied tearfully.“我很早以前就定了,而且我真的很想要,”妻子泪流满面的说道。“It’s all right,” I said, ashamed.“好吧。”我说着感到内疚。“I love you, Bill, and I don’t want to die,” she said.“比尔,我爱你,而且我也不想死。”妻子又这样说道。“I love you too,” I said.“我也爱你。”我回答道。The darkness of my scolding turned into a bright moment of mutual love.于是,本来是我无情的责骂,就这样演变成了一段充满爱的片刻。Twenty-five years later, the swan remains. That moment is etched upon my heart.25年了,这只陶瓷天鹅依旧还在,它似乎提醒着我,而那段与妻子的对话已经被深深地刻在心里。