I may be a bit old school but I think that people who store all of their pictures on their smart phones are missing out on something. There is nothing like seeing a loved one’s smiling face looking down on you from a picture frame on your wall. It is both comforting and reassuring, almost like they are watching over you while you work at your desk.我的思想多少有点守旧,总觉得那些手机里存着的照片少了些什么,不如将那些所爱之人的照片挂在墙上,再没有比看着他们的笑容,让人觉得舒服安心。就好像他们都在看着你工作一样。As I work at my own desk I can see my Mom’s picture smiling down on me. She left us too soon. She was only 55 years old when cancer took her. If one’s years here were based on merit then she should have lived to be over 100.在我的工作桌上放着母亲的照片,工作时照片中的母亲对着我微笑。她走得太早,55岁那年因癌症去世,假使以一个人的美德来决定她的寿命的话,那她肯定能活到100岁。My Dad’s kind smile is next to hers. It has only been a few years since he passed. Sometimes I still pick up the telephone wanting to call him and tell him something that has just happened to me only to remember that he is gone.有着父亲慈祥笑容的照片就排在母亲照片的旁边,他去世没有几年。有时候,我拿起电话想要打给他,告诉他才发生的事情,才意识到他已经不再人世了。My Nana’s picture is there too, holding the 90 years young sign at her birthday party 16 years ago. How I wish I could walk into her kitchen again, have a talk, and share a big slice of homemade Italian bread with her.我奶奶的照片也在墙上,那张照片拍摄于16年前,是她90岁大寿聚会照片。我多想再走进她的厨房,和她聊聊天,一起分一块自制的意大利面包吃。Sometimes looking at these pictures gives me a touch of melancholy and sadness. I still miss them all and I don’t feel ready to be the oldest generation yet. Most of the time, though, I only feel the warmth and joy that comes from a million loving memories that these pictures bring back.有时候看着这些照片让我忧伤难过,我依然思念着他们,我还没有准备好成为家庭中最年老的一代。但是大部分的时间这些照片带给我的是无尽的爱的回忆,让我感到温暖美好。It makes me feel blessed knowing that I had them all in my life for the years that I did. It makes me want to follow their loving example in my own life as well.他们在我生命中的出现让我感到幸福,他们是爱的楷模,让我再自己的生活中学习效仿。A lot of people say that you have to have a hard heart to get through life. Others say a soft heart is better. I myself think that a strong heart is best. We need a heart that loves through the pain. We need a heart that keeps loving even when we lose the people we love the most.很多人都说度过一生需要一颗坚硬的心,另一些人认为内心要柔软才好。我觉得一颗坚强的心是最好的,我们在痛苦中需要爱,哪怕失去挚爱也继续把爱传承。We need a heart that knows that “Anyone who lives in love lives in God, and God lives in him.” May your heart be strong then. May your love shine from your pictures and from your life.那些心存上帝者,上帝便与他同在。愿你拥有一颗坚强之心,愿你所爱之人,不光在照片中,还在你的生活中永存生辉。