Remarks by President Trump in Joint Address to Congress
U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C.
February 28, 2017
特朗普首次国会演讲:时不我待 再创美国辉煌 Thank you very much. Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, the First Lady of the United States – (applause) – and citizens of America: 众议院议长先生、副总统、国会议员们,第一夫人,全美的公民, Tonight, as we mark the conclusion of our celebration of Black History Month, we are reminded of our nation’s path towards civil rights and the work that still remains to be done. (Applause.) Recent threats targeting Jewish community centers and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries, as well as last week’s shooting in Kansas City, remind us that while we may be a nation divided on policies, we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all of its very ugly forms. (Applause.) 今晚,我们在这里,也正值全美庆祝非裔历史月之际,我们铭记国家为争取民权所历经的道路和仍有待完成的工作。最近针对犹太社区中心的威胁、对犹太公墓的破坏,以及上周在堪萨斯城的枪击,提醒着我们:虽然我们可能在政策上是一个分裂的国家,但是当要谴责各种形式的仇恨和邪恶时,我们是一个团结的国家。 Each American generation passes the torch of truth, liberty and justice in an unbroken chain all the way down to the present. That torch is now in our hands. And we will use it to light up the world. I am here tonight to deliver a message of unity and strength, and it is a message deeply delivered from my heart. A new chapter – (applause) – of American Greatness is now beginning. A new national pride is sweeping across our nation. And a new surge of optimism is placing impossible dreams firmly within our grasp. 美国的每个世代都传递着真理、自由和正义的火炬,这一过程至今从未断绝。那个火炬现在传递到我们的手中,我们将用它来照亮世界。我今晚在这里,传递团结与力量的信息,这是我心中深信的理念。美国伟大的新篇章现在开始了。一股新的国家自豪感正在横扫全国,新的乐观情绪激增,把不可能的梦想牢牢地掌握在我们的手中。我们今天目睹的是美国精神的复兴。 What we are witnessing today is the renewal of the American spirit. Our allies will find that America is once again ready to lead. (Applause.) All the nations of the world – friend or foe – will find that America is strong, America is proud, and America is free. 我们的盟友会发现,美国又一次地准备成为领导力量。世界上所有的国家,朋友或敌人,会发现美国是强大的,美国是自豪的,美国是自由的。 In nine years, the United States will celebrate the 250th anniversary of our founding – 250 years since the day we declared our independence. It will be one of the great milestones in the history of the world. But what will America look like as we reach our 250th year? What kind of country will we leave for our children? 九年后,美国将庆祝国家诞生250周年 ─自宣布独立以来的250年。它将是世界历史上伟大的里程碑之一。但是,当250周年来临时,美国会是什么样子?我们将为我们的孩子留下一个怎样的国家? I will not allow the mistakes of recent decades past to define the course of our future. For too long, we’ve watched our middle class shrink as we’ve exported our jobs and wealth to foreign countries. We’ve financed and built one global project after another, but ignored the fates of our children in the inner cities of Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and so many other places throughout our land. 我不会允许最近几十年来的错误决定我们未来的道路。长期以来,我们看到我们的中产阶级在收缩,因为我们向外国出口了工作和财富。我们资助、创建了一个接一个的全球项目,但忽视了我们自己孩子的面容。我们忽视了在芝加哥、巴尔的摩、底特律等地较为贫困的内城,还有我们国土上的许多其他地方。 We’ve defended the borders of other nations while leaving our own borders wide open for anyone to cross and for drugs to pour in at a now unprecedented rate. And we’ve spent trillions and trillions of dollars overseas, while our infrastructure at home has so badly crumbled. 我们保卫其他国家的边疆,却让我们自己的边境敞开着,随意让任何人、让毒品以前所未有的速度涌入。基础设施如此老旧。 Then, in 2016, the Earth shifted beneath our feet. The rebellion started as a quiet protest, spoken by families of all colors and creeds – families who just wanted a fair shot for their children and a fair hearing for their concerns. p class="zh">2016年,地动山摇。这场巨变起初从一场安静的抗议开始,不同肤色、信仰的家庭发出了声音,这些家庭只是希望为他们的孩子争取公平的权利、为他们关切的议题争取被公平聆听的机会。   But then the quiet voices became a loud chorus as thousands of citizens now spoke out together, from cities small and large, all across our country. Finally, the chorus became an earthquake, and the people turned out by the tens of millions, and they were all united by one very simple, but crucial demand: that America must put its own citizens first. Because only then can we truly make America great again. (Applause.) 但这种安静的声音变成了一个合唱,当成千上万、在全美大小城市的民众开始齐声大喊时,这种合唱变成了一场地震。他们走出来投票,数百万的人,他们全都因为一个简单而关键的需求团结在一起:美国必须把自己的公民摆在一切考量的首位。 Dying industries will come roaring back to life. Heroic veterans will get the care they so desperately need. Our military will be given the resources its brave warriors so richly deserve. Crumbling infrastructure will be replaced with new roads, bridges, tunnels, airports and railways gleaming across our very, very beautiful land. Our terrible drug epidemic will slow down and, ultimately, stop. And our neglected inner cities will see a rebirth of hope, safety and opportunity. Above all else, we will keep our promises to the American people. (Applause.) 奄奄一息的产业将重现生机;英雄的退伍军人将得到他们急需的关怀。英勇的美军将士将得到他们应得的资源。年久失修的基础设施,将被遍布大好河山的新路、新桥、新隧道、新机场和新铁路替代。美国像瘟疫一样蔓延的毒品问题将得到遏制并被彻底消灭;被忽略的贫困内城将在希望、安全与机遇中迎来新生。 It’s been a little over a month since my inauguration, and I want to take this moment to update the nation on the progress I’ve made in keeping those promises. 最重要的是,我们会信守与美国人民的承诺。我已就任一月有余,此时此刻,我想向国人汇报这些承诺的兑现情况。 Since my election, Ford, Fiat-Chrysler, General Motors, Sprint, Softbank, Lockheed, Intel, Walmart and many others have announced that they will invest billions and billions of dollars in the United States, and will create tens of thousands of new American jobs. (Applause.) 自我当选以来,福特、克莱斯勒、通用汽车、斯普林特、软银、洛克希德、英特尔、沃尔玛和许多其他公司,都已经宣布他们将在美国投资数十亿美元,并将在美国创造数以万计的新工作。 The stock market has gained almost $3 trillion in value since the election on November 8th, a record. We’ve saved taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars by bringing down the price of a fantastic – and it is a fantastic – new F-35 jet fighter, and we’ll be saving billions more on contracts all across our government. We have placed a hiring freeze on non-military and non-essential federal workers. 自11月8日的选举以来,美国股票市场已经增加了近3万亿美元的市值 ─这创了一个记录。我们通过降低价格——这简直太棒了,通过降低超赞的新F-35喷气式战斗机的价格,节省了纳税人的数亿美元。我们将从与政府各部门的合同里再节省数十亿。 We have begun to drain the swamp of government corruption by imposing a five-year ban on lobbying by executive branch officials and a lifetime ban – (applause) – thank you – and a lifetime ban on becoming lobbyists for a foreign government. 我们对非军事和非必要的联邦公职冻结了招聘。我们要开始抽干政府腐败的沼泽,对离任的行政部门官员施以5年内禁止参与游说的禁令,他们也将终身被禁止成为外国政府的游说者。 We have undertaken a historic effort to massively reduce job-crushing regulations, creating a deregulation task force inside of every government agency. (Applause.) And we’re imposing a new rule which mandates that for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated. (Applause.) We’re going to stop the regulations that threaten the future and livelihood of our great coal miners. (Applause.) 现在,我们正在进行历史性的努力,将大规模地减少那些令工作机会锐减的监管法规;每个政府部门里,都会有特别工作组来执行去监管。我们现在要实施一个新政策,要求如果要增加一项新规定,必须同时减少两项旧规章。 We have cleared the way for the construction of the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines – (applause) – thereby creating tens of thousands of jobs. And I’ve issued a new directive that new American pipelines be made with American steel. (Applause.) 我们将终止那些威胁着我们伟大的煤矿工人们未来与生计的法规。我们已经为建设Keystone输油管和达科他管道铺平了道路,从而创造了数万个就业机会。我发布了一个新的指令,新的美国管道必须用美国产的钢铁制造。 We have withdrawn the United States from the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership. (Applause.) And with the help of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, we have formed a council with our neighbors in Canada to help ensure that women entrepreneurs have access to the networks, markets and capital they need to start a business and live out their financial dreams. (Applause.) 我们已经从扼杀工作机会的环太平洋伙伴贸易协议(TPP)中退出。在特鲁多总理的帮助下,我们已经与邻国加拿大成立了一个委员会,以帮助确保女性企业家有机会进入他们开展业务所需的网络、市场,获得资本,实现她们的财务梦想。 To protect our citizens, I have directed the Department of Justice to form a Task Force on Reducing Violent Crime. I have further ordered the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice, along with the Department of State and the Director of National Intelligence, to coordinate an aggressive strategy to dismantle the criminal cartels that have spread all across our nation. (Applause.) We will stop the drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth, and we will expand treatment for those who have become so badly addicted. (Applause.) 为了保护我们的公民,我已经要求司法部成立一个减少暴力罪行的专责小组。我还命令国土安全部和司法部、国务院和国家情报总监协调出一项有力的战略,以打击在美国各地蔓延的犯罪团伙。我们要阻止毒品肆虐、毒害我们的青年人。我们要扩大帮助范围,救助那些已经严重上瘾的人。 At the same time, my administration has answered the pleas of the American people for immigration enforcement and border security. (Applause.) By finally enforcing our immigration laws, we will raise wages, help the unemployed, save billions and billions of dollars, and make our communities safer for everyone. (Applause.) We want all Americans to succeed, but that can’t happen in an environment of lawless chaos. We must restore integrity and the rule of law at our borders. (Applause.) 同时,我们回应了关于强化移民执法和边境安全的诉求,终于要执行我们的移民境管法规;我们还要提高工资、帮助失业者、省下几十几十亿的美元、让我们的社区更安全。我们希望,每一个美国人都能成功。但是在一个乱无法纪的环境里,这是不可能发生的。我们必须让我们的法律完善,边境安全。所以,我们会很快建造一座伟大的南部边界上的墙。 For that reason, we will soon begin the construction of a great, great wall along our southern border. (Applause.) As we speak tonight, we are removing gang members, drug dealers, and criminals that threaten our communities and prey on our very innocent citizens. Bad ones are going out as I speak, and as I promised throughout the campaign. 就在我们说话的此时,我们就在驱逐帮派、毒贩子、罪犯和每一个威胁我们的社区,伤害无辜人民的人。就像我竞选时保证过的一样,坏蛋都要离开! To any in Congress who do not believe we should enforce our laws, I would ask you this one question: What would you say to the American family that loses their jobs, their income, or their loved one because America refused to uphold its laws and defend its borders? (Applause.) 对国会里,那些质疑我们应不应该推行这些法律的人,我要问你这个问题:有些美国家庭失去了工作、失去了收入、失去所爱,就因为美国不愿意实行她的法律,不愿意保护她的边界。对这些家庭,你有什么话说? Our obligation is to serve, protect, and defend the citizens of the United States. We are also taking strong measures to protect our nation from radical Islamic terrorism. (Applause.) According to data provided by the Department of Justice, the vast majority of individuals convicted of terrorism and terrorism-related offenses since 9/11 came here from outside of our country. We have seen the attacks at home – from Boston to San Bernardino to the Pentagon, and, yes, even the World Trade Center. 我们必须服务、保护、守卫美国的公民。对恐怖组织我们也会采取强硬手段。根据司法部提供的数据,自“911”恐袭以来,绝大多数在美国实施恐袭的人,都来自这个国家之外。我们曾经在家看到波士顿、圣贝纳迪诺、五角大楼等地,到处都是恐袭,甚至还有世界贸易中心。 We have seen the attacks in France, in Belgium, in Germany, and all over the world. It is not compassionate, but reckless to allow uncontrolled entry from places where proper vetting cannot occur. (Applause.) Those given the high honor of admission to the United States should support this country and love its people and its values. We cannot allow a beachhead of terrorism to form inside America. We cannot allow our nation to become a sanctuary for extremists. (Applause.) 还有法国、比利时、德国,全世界都是。允许进入,而又不加以控制,这不是同情,而是鲁莽。那些被允许进入美国的人,应该支撑这个国家,爱她的人民和价值观。我们不能允许一帮恐怖分子在我们国家内部组建团体。我们不能允许我们的国家,成为极端分子的避难所。 That is why my administration has been working on improved vetting procedures, and we will shortly take new steps to keep our nation safe and to keep out those out who will do us harm. (Applause.) 这就是为什么,我的政府要致力于改进检查机制,很快,我们就会一步一步地保护我们的国家安全,不让伤害我们的人进入。 As promised, I directed the Department of Defense to develop a plan to demolish and destroy ISIS – a network of lawless savages that have slaughtered Muslims and Christians, and men, and women, and children of all faiths and all beliefs. We will work with our allies, including our friends and allies in the Muslim world, to extinguish this vile enemy from our planet. (Applause.) 正如我保证过的一样,我下令国防部提出计划,摧毁ISIS组织——一帮目无法纪的野蛮人,残害穆斯林和基督徒,以及各种信仰的男女和儿童。我们会和盟友合作,包括来自穆斯林世界的朋友们,一起让这些邪恶的敌人,从我们的星球上消失。 I have also imposed new sanctions on entities and individuals who support Iran’s ballistic missile program, and reaffirmed our unbreakable alliance with the State of Israel. (Applause.) 对那些支持伊朗弹道导弹计划的个人和实体,我也要加以制裁,并且重申美国和以色列牢不可破的合作关系。 Finally, I have kept my promise to appoint a justice to the United States Supreme Court, from my list of 20 judges, who will defend our Constitution. (Applause.) 最后,我遵守了我的承诺,在我名单上的20位守卫我们宪法的法官中,挑选出一名指定为最高法院大法官。 I am greatly honored to have Maureen Scalia with us in the gallery tonight. (Applause.) Thank you, Maureen. Her late, great husband, Antonin Scalia, will forever be a symbol of American justice. To fill his seat, we have chosen Judge Neil Gorsuch, a man of incredible skill and deep devotion to the law. He was confirmed unanimously by the Court of Appeals, and I am asking the Senate to swiftly approve his nomination. (Applause.) 我很荣幸,他今晚也在现场与我们为伴。谢谢你,莫琳。她伟大的已故丈夫─安东尼‧斯卡利亚,将永远是美国司法的象征。