What Is the Best Advice Your Mother Ever Gave You? 麻麻曾给你们的最好忠告是什么?  Quora精选:妈妈给过你的最好忠告是什么? 获得889好评的回答@Meenakshhi Mishra Never lose hope. And be thankful for what you have. 永远不要失去希望,对你所拥有的一切心存感激。 获得268好评的回答@Sanket Saurav "Living to make yourself happy is the best thing you can do for people around you." “活得快乐,这是你能为身边的人做的最好的一件事。” 获得224好评的回答@Max Lukominskyi Never Take an Advice from Someone You Would Not Want To Switch Places With 如果一个人现在的处境是你不想要的,那就不要采纳TA的建议。 获得612好评的回答@Sangeetha Thiyagarajan Treat people like humans and not vending machines 不要把人当成是自动贩卖机,把他们当人看。 获得1.5k好评的回答@Ashutosh Jadhav "Bachenge toh aur bhi ladenge". (Fight till your last breath) 战斗到最后。 获得140好评的回答@Laura Parker Go to sleep and things will be better in the morning. 睡一觉,明天一早事情都会变得更好。 获得393好评的回答@Michelle Roses Right before I walked down the aisle to marry her son, my mother-in-law told me, "Michelle, if a man can't make himself a sandwich, he should starve." 在我的婚礼现场,就在我马上要走过去与我的先生立誓的时候,我的婆婆告诉我:“米歇尔,如果一个男人连个三明治都懒得给自己做,那就让他饿着吧。” 获得773好评的回答@Aditi Saini "Life isn't easy, It wasn't suppose to be! Don't expect it to be easy" “生活并不简单,它不会朝着你所期待的去发展,不要期望它会变得简单。”