Women come in all shapes and sizes, but which body type do men prefer: Kim Kardashian curves and an ample bust, or a willowy supermodel physique? 女性的体型和大小各不一样,但是男人最喜欢哪种才是男人最喜欢的呢?金·卡戴珊的丰乳肥臀还是苗条的模特身材? 什么样的身材最吸引男人?结果叫你大吃一惊! We decided to answer the question once and for all by parading three different female body types - curvy, slim and athletic - in front of a group of men. 我们决定一次性来回答这个问题。在一群男人面前展示女性丰满,苗条和健美三种不同身体类型。 The men wore sophisticated eye-tracking devices which analysed which women they spent the most time looking at, and therefore the body type they were most drawn to. We enlisted the help of three models - Sophia De Lancey, 30, Stephanie Warren, 27, and Inesa De La Roche, 35 - and stood them next to each other while the ten men walked into the room one by one to meet them. 这些男人将戴上先进的眼球追踪设备来分析他们在哪个女人身上停留的时间最长,这样就说明哪种身体最吸引他们。我们征集了三个不同身材的女性——30岁的索菲娅·德·兰西,27岁的斯蒂芬妮·沃伦和35岁的伊内萨·德·拉·罗切。她们三个人站一排,10个男人依次进房间观察她们。 While Stephanie showcased her Kim Kardashian-like curves, her fellow models had supermodel-esque and Instagram-fit bodies respectively. 虽然斯蒂芬妮拥有像金·卡戴珊一样前凸后翘的身材,但是她的同伴索菲娅和伊内萨拥有超模和健美的魔鬼身材。 We then fitted the men with eye-tracking devices to find out which body types they were naturally most drawn to over a 30-second period. 我们让男性戴上眼球追踪设备,他们要在30秒内潜意识找到最吸引他们的身体类型。 The girls put their figures on show in cut-off denim shorts and tight-fitting vest tops, with one of our testers, Tony, the girl on the left, Sophia, was his favourite. 三个女孩把她们的数字贴在超短牛仔裤和紧身背心上,我们的第一个测试者,托尼,他最喜欢左边的女孩索菲亚。 Although the men weren't told who they they dwelled on the longest, Tony looked at Sophia for 13 seconds, Stephanie for 11 seconds and Inesa for six seconds over a 30 second period. 男性不知道他们看谁的时间最长,在30秒的时间里,托尼盯着索菲亚看了13秒,斯蒂芬妮11秒,伊内萨6秒。 Meanwhile, Jay claimed he didn't have a favourite at all and Matt admitted he was 'wary' of where he was looking. Jay looked at curvy Stephanie the longest, while Matt spent almost twice as long looking at athletic Sophia as anyone else. 然而,杰说没有一个是他喜欢的。马特承认他在看的过程中非常小心。杰看斯蒂芬妮的时间最长,但是马特看健身的索菲亚的时间是其他两位模特的两倍。 Tony, who also looked at Sophia the longest, said: 'I wasn’t too surprised with my score as I think it reflects who was the most chatty when I was in the room.' 看苏菲亚最长时间的托尼说:“我对这个数据并不感到奇怪,因为这反映了当时在房间里谁是最健谈的。” Overall, slim Inesa scored the lowest with 29 per cent of the glances, while curvy Stephanie scored the highest at 36 per cent. Meanwhile, Sophia came second with 35 per cent. 总的来说,身材苗条的伊内萨29%的扫视得分最低,身材丰满的斯蒂芬妮以36%的扫视得分最高,同时索菲亚35%排名第二。 The findings totally contradict a recent study that suggested men find thinner women most attractive because they associate their body shape with youth, fertility and a lower risk of disease. 这一结果与最近的研究调查完全不符,最新的研究调查表示男人认为身材苗条的女性更具有吸引力,因为他们认为身材苗条的女人年轻、生育能力强,患病率低。 Researchers at the University of Aberdeen found that 'evolutionary fitness' determined what men find appealing. 阿伯丁大学的研究人员发现“进化健身法”决定了什么样的身材能够吸引男人。 【进化健身法】是指美国经济学家阿瑟·德瓦尼根据远古人类的饮食习惯和生活方式,以人类进化天性为依据.创造了名为“进化健身法”的减肥和养生方法。德瓦尼说,他日常饮食的基本原则是:不吃碳水化合物和包装食品;提倡吃瘦肉;每天至少吃两种以上的蔬菜;多吃新鲜食物。这种方法有益健康,更会让人变得年轻。