1. Makes you feel safe 1.安全感 女生找老公的30个标准:每一条都戳中你的心 2. Completely trusts you 2.完全信任你 3. Truly appreciates everything you do 3.完全感激你做的一切 4. Is a good laugh 4.好玩有意思 5. Says 'I love you' when he feels it 5.感到“爱你”的时候就表达出来 6. Sees you as equal in everything 6.任何事情都平等看你 7. Surprises you from time to time 7.不时给你惊喜 8. Gives you space 8.给你空间 9. Tells you you're beautiful 9.告诉你你很漂亮 10. Never forgets birthdays or anniversaries 10.永不忘记你的生日和结婚纪念日 11. Is not too needy or insecure 11.不会太渴求也不会太缺安全感 12. Wants to be with you more than his friends 12.比起朋友,更喜欢和你在一起 13. Always cleans up after himself 13.自己打扫 14. Respects your privacy 14.尊重你的隐私 15. Is a 50/50 parent 15.和你平摊带娃的责任 16. Is happy for you to spend time with girlfriends 16.你和你的女伴们在一起,他为你感到高兴 17. Gets as excited about holidays as you do 17.和你一样,兴奋地盼望着假期 18. Always puts the bins out 18.总是倒垃圾 19. Never looks through your phone or emails 19.不翻看你的手机和邮件 20. Thinks you are the bees knees 20.觉得你最棒 21. Makes an effort with your friends 21.努力和你的朋友们相处 22. Laughs at your jokes 22.你讲笑话他笑 23. Watches rubbish TV with you 23.和你一起看垃圾电视 24. Doesn't check out women in the street 24.马路上不盯着别的女人看 25. Makes you coffee in the morning 25.早晨为你煮咖啡 26. Wants sex more than once a week 26.每周夫妻生活不止一次 27. Likes your cooking better than his mums 27.比起他妈妈的厨艺,更喜欢你的 28. Loves your mum 28.爱你的妈妈 29. Doesn't 'like' random women's pictures on social media 29.不会给社交媒体上随便认识的女性点赞 30. Never leaves the car without petrol 30.车子始终有油