Message on World Cities Day
31 October 2016
双语:联合国秘书长潘基文2016年世界城市日致辞 Cities are increasingly the home of humanity. They are central to climate action, global prosperity, peace and human rights. More than half of all people live in cities and human settlements, and that proportion is projected to grow to two thirds by 2050. 城市日趋成为人类的家园。它们对于气候行动、全球繁荣、和平与人权至关重要。全球一半以上的人都生活在城市和人类住区,到2050年预计这一比例会提高到三分之二。 To transform our world, we must transform its cities. 为了变革当今世界,我们必须改造世界上的各个城市。 Crime, pollution and poverty are taking their toll on hundreds of millions of city-dwellers. At the same time, urban areas are hubs of energy, innovation and economic dynamism. By investing in cities, we can advance progress across societies. 犯罪、污染和贫穷不断给数亿城市居民造成伤害。同时,城市地区又是能源、创新和经济活力的枢纽。我们可以通过投资于城市,推动各个社会的进步。 Momentum is building. The recently concluded Habitat III Conference adopted the New Urban Agenda, a vision for cities that are just, safe, accessible, affordable, resilient and sustainable. This marked a milestone in setting global standards for sustainable urban development, sparking new thinking on how we plan, manage and live in cities. 势头不断增强。最近结束的人居三会议通过了《新城市议程》,它是建设公正、安全、方便、负担得起、有韧性和可持续城市的愿景。这是制定可持续城市发展全球标准的里程碑,激励我们重新思考如何进行城市规划和管理并在城市中生活。 Together with the other new global frameworks and Agendas – the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Agenda for Humanity, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda – this New Urban Agenda will put sustainable urbanization at the centre of our efforts to eliminate poverty and achieve development and prosperity for all. It can also complement the Paris Agreement on climate change. 这个《新城市议程》连同其他新的全球框架和议程——《2030年可持续发展议程》、《人道议程》、《仙台减少灾害风险框架》和《亚的斯亚贝巴行动议程》——将把可持续城市化置于我们努力消除贫困、实现普惠发展和繁荣的核心位置。《新城市议程》还可补充关于气候变化的《巴黎协定》。 Local action is essential to realizing the potential of these global agreements. On World Cities Day, let us renew our resolve to confront urban problems and forge lasting solutions. Together, we can show how success in cities inspires change across the world. 地方行动对于发挥上述全球协定的潜力至关重要。值此世界城市日之际,让我们再次下定决心,正视城市问题,制定持久解决办法。我们可以共同展示城市的成功可怎样激发世界各地的变革。