10 Chinese cities' and provinces' "business cards" may just inspire a trip 近日,一名设计师花2年时间为34个省市设计名字的新闻爆红网络,独具特色而又一目了然的社交让网民们赞不绝口。 Shi Changhong, a designer from southern China's Guizhou province, recently became an Internet icon. Shi spent two years sketching "business cards" for 34 cities and provinces in China. His illustrations incorporate each province's name and most representative spots to create a design that the artist hopes can be appreciated by even those with no formal background in art. Chinese netizens have praised his work, remarking that people could learn a lot about China just by looking through the cards. 一名来自贵州的设计师石昌鸿最近在网上备受推崇。石昌鸿耗费2年时间为中国34个省市重新设计了“名片”。在他的设计图中包括每个省市的名字和该地最具代表性的景点,石昌鸿希望那些即使没有正规艺术背景的人也能够欣赏这些设计。中国网友们高度赞扬了石昌鸿的作品,并指出人们仅仅只通过看这些图片就能够了解很多有关中国的事情。 Take a look at Shi's top 10 creative designs below: 这面就让我们一起来看一看石昌鸿最具盛名的10大设计吧。 设计师创意绘出中国34个省市名片 Guilin
As an old Chinese saying goes, "East or west, Guilin landscape is the best." Indeed, Guilin is known for its fantastic natural scenery. Shi highlights Guilin's beautiful mountains and bodies of water in his design for the city. 中国有一句老话叫“桂林山水甲天下”。的确,桂林因其迷人的自然风光而闻名于世。在为桂林所做的这份设计中,石昌鸿突出了桂林美丽的山山水水。 设计师创意绘出中国34个省市名片 Tibet
Shi incorporated the shape of the Potala Palace into his illustration, painting his design the color of Tibet's clear blue sky. 石昌鸿将布达拉宫的外形融入到这份为西藏所做的设计之中,用西藏天空明亮的蓝色来为这幅画作着色。 设计师创意绘出中国34个省市名片 Anhui province
Shi depicts the most distinctive features of traditional Anhui-style architecture – unusually high "firewalls" (intended to prevent fires) – in the card design. Hongcun Village, a 900-year-old settlement located at the foot of Mount Huangshan, boasts such typical residences, in addition to carvings that are said to be among the best preserved in China. The village became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. 在为安徽所做的设计中,石昌鸿描绘出了传统安徽建筑最为鲜明的特点--特别高的“防火墙”(用来防止房屋失火)。宏村是一个坐落于黄山脚下的村子,有900多年历史。宏村里面就有这种安徽典型的住宅,而且还有据说是目前中国保存最完好的雕刻。2000年,联合国教科文组织将宏村列为世界遗产。 设计师创意绘出中国34个省市名片 Henan province
Shi drew the two characters for "Henan" in the shape of the Longmen Grottoes, which Shi considered a milestone of both art in China and human civilization. 石昌鸿将“河南”两个字设计成了龙门石窟的形状,他认为龙门石窟是中国、乃至于整个人类文明艺术史上的里程碑。 设计师创意绘出中国34个省市名片 Chongqing
As Chongqing is regarded as the birthplace of hotpot in China, the spicy snack is a must-try for all travelers in the city. Besides the spicy cuisine, Chongqing has long been known as "Mountain City," which also inspired Shi's illustration. 因为重庆一般被认为是中国火锅的发源地,麻辣小吃是所有前往重庆旅游的人一定不能够错过的。除了香辣美食之外,重庆还是广为人知的“山城”,这一点也给与了石昌鸿创作灵感。 设计师创意绘出中国34个省市名片 Suzhou
设计师创意绘出中国34个省市名片 Yunnan province
设计师创意绘出中国34个省市名片 Beijing
设计师创意绘出中国34个省市名片 Harbin
设计师创意绘出中国34个省市名片 Shandong province