Message on World Food Day
October 16, 2016
潘基文:2016年世界粮食日 As the global population expands, we will need to satisfy an increasing demand for food. Yet, around the world, record-breaking temperatures, rising sea levels and more frequent and severe droughts and floods caused by climate change are already affecting ecosystems, agriculture and society’s ability to produce the food we need. The most vulnerable people are world’s poorest, 70 per cent of whom depend on subsistence farming, fishing or pastoralism for income and food. 随着全球人口的扩大,我们需要满足日益增长的粮食需求。然而,在世界各地,气候变化引起的气温连创纪录、海平面上升和更频繁的严重干旱和洪水已经影响到生态系统、农业和社会生产所需食物的能力。最脆弱的人是世界上最贫穷的人,其中70%依靠自给农业、渔业或畜牧业获得收入和粮食。 On this World Food Day, we highlight the close link between climate change, sustainable agriculture and food and nutrition security with the message that “The climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.” Without concerted action, millions more people could fall into poverty and hunger, threatening to reverse hard-won gains and placing in jeopardy our ability to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. 值此世界粮食日,我们提出这样的口号:“气候在变,粮食和农业也必须随之而变”,以此强调气候变化、可持续农业与粮食和营养安全之间的密切联系。如果不采取协调一致的行动,又会有数百万人陷入贫穷和饥饿,这可能扭转来之不易的成果,并危及我们实现可持续发展目标的能力。 Agriculture and food systems must become more resilient, productive, inclusive and sustainable. To bolster food security in a changing climate, countries must address food and agriculture in their climate action plans and invest more in rural development. Targeted investments in these sectors will build resilience and increase the incomes and productivity of small farmers, lifting millions from poverty. They will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and safeguard the health and well-being of ecosystems and all people who depend on them. 农业和粮食系统必须更具抗灾能力和生产力,更有包容性和可持续性。为了在不断变化的气候中加强粮食安全,各国必须在其气候行动计划中处理粮食和农业问题,并更多地投资于农村发展。在这些部门进行有针对性的投资可以建立抵御灾害的能力,增加小农户的收入和生产力,从而使数百万人摆脱贫穷。它们将有助于减少温室气体排放,保障生态系统和依赖生态系统的所有人的健康和福祉。 Next month, the historic Paris Agreement on climate change will enter into force. This will provide a much-needed boost to global efforts to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, limit temperature rise and promote climate-compatible sustainable agriculture. 下个月,具有历史意义的气候变化《巴黎协定》将生效。这将为减少全球温室气体排放、控制温度上升和促进与气候兼容的可持续农业的全球努力提供迫切需要的推动力。 On this World Food Day, I urge all Governments and their partners to take a holistic, collaborative and integrated approach to climate change, food security and equitable social and economic development. The well-being of this generation and those to come depends on the actions we take now. Only by working in partnership will we achieve a world of zero hunger and free from poverty, where all people can live in peace, prosperity and dignity. 在世界粮食日之际,我敦促各国政府及其伙伴对气候变化、粮食安全和公平的社会经济发展采取全面、协作和综合的办法。今世后代的幸福取决于我们现在采取的行动。只有通过伙伴合作,我们才能实现一个没有饥饿、没有贫穷的世界,使所有人都能在和平、繁荣和尊严中生活。 VOA相关新闻: