An October Sunrise(十月的早晨)
Richard Blackmore(理查德·布雷克默)
十月的早晨 I was up the next morning before the October sunrise, and away through the wild and the woodland. The rising of the sun was noble in the cold and warmth of it; peeping down the spread of light, he raised his shoulder heavily over the edge of gray mountains and wavering length of upland. Beneath his gaze the dew-fogs dipped and crept to the hollow places, then stole away in line and column, holding skirts and clinging subtly at the sheltering corners where rock hung over grassland, while the brave lines of the hills came forth, one beyond another gliding. 次日凌晨,十月的太阳还没有升起,我已动身出行,越原野、穿树林。在十月冷暖交替的时节,日出景象十分壮观。旭日洒下晨辉,俯视着大地,太阳从灰蒙蒙的山峦和蜿蜒起伏的高地的边缘缓缓抬起肩膀。在阳光的注视下,蒙蒙雾气缓缓下沉,渐渐落入空谷洼地,随后化成条条丝缕悄然溜走,拖着裙摆在草地上方隐蔽的岩石角落里萦绕盘旋、经久不散,而群山那优美的曲线若隐若现,相继露出真容。 The woods arose in folds; like drapery of awakened mountains, stately with a depth of awe, and memory of tempests. Autumn’s mellow hand was upon them, as they owned already, touched with gold and red and olive, and their joy towards the sun was less to a bridegroom than a father. 森林层层叠叠,宛如披在睡梦方醒的群山身上的绸缎,庄重威严,同时不禁唤起人们对暴风雨的联想。秋天那柔美的手掌抚摸着山林,山林被秋色尽染,呈现出金黄、赤红和橄榄绿等不同的色彩。树林对太阳的欢喜不亚于父亲对于新郎的喜悦。 Yet before the floating impress of the woods could clear itself, suddenly the gladsome light leaped over hill and valley, casting amber, blue, and purple, and a tint of rich red rose, according to the scene they lit on, and the curtain flung around; yet all alike dispelling fear and the cloven hoof of darkness, all on the wings of hope advancing, and proclaiming, “God is here!” Then life and joy sprang reassured from every crouching hollow; every flower and bud and bird had a fluttering sense of them, and all the flashing of God’s gaze merged into soft beneficence. 然而,突然令人愉悦的阳光越过山岭和峡谷,一时间,树林便脱去了缥缈外纱,所有的景致都被披上了斑斓色彩:蓝色、紫色、琥珀色,还有一抹鲜红的玫瑰色,这一切仿佛帷幕顿开。然而,所有的一切又像是插上了希望的翅膀,在奋力飞翔,并郑重宣告:“上帝驾到!”于是,生命和喜悦从蜷伏的山谷中迸发。所有的蓓蕾、花朵和禽鸟都感受到生命和喜悦,并为之欢欣。上帝闪烁的目光渐渐幻化为温柔的仁慈。 So, perhaps, shall break upon us that eternal morning, when crag and chasm shall be no more, neither hill and valley, nor great unvintaged ocean; when glory shall not scare happiness, neither happiness envy glory; but all things shall arise, and shine in the light of the Father’s countenance, because itself is risen. 如此,那永恒的黎明也许不久会出现在我们的面前,那时峭壁和峡谷,还有丘陵和山谷,以及永恒而浩瀚的大海也将不复存在。那时,荣誉不能吓走幸福,幸福也不再嫉妒荣誉。但是,世间万物都将出现,并在上帝的光辉中闪耀,因为它们自己也得到升华。 (杨自德、王守芳 译)