Cats might no longer be revered in the same way they were in the times of Ancient Egypt, but that doesn't stop them from acting like little furry Gods. And sometimes, little furry jerks. Take a look at these funny pictures compiled by Bored Panda to see what we mean. See those beds those cats are sleeping on? They don't belong to them. They belong to dogs. But do those cats look like they care? No. Why? Because they're cats, that's why. Do you have a cat like this? Then publicly shame the offending feline by adding the evidence to the list below. Don't forget to vote for your favorite!
猫咪已经没有古埃及时候的尊贵地位了,但这并不妨它们“吾皇”的自我定位。但有时候它们就是“毛茸茸的捣蛋鬼”。来瞧一瞧,看一看,Bored Panda 整理的好笑一箩筐。看看这些猫咪理直气壮的躺在不属于他们的床上。可怜的狗狗望着自己的窝,这些猫猫却显得漠不关心,内心的潜台词是(见到朕,为何不跪?)为狗狗证明,把这些坏猫曝光曝光!亲,别忘了给你自己最“中意” 的照片投上一票~
猫狗一旦一起养,狗肯定是受欺负的 LOL. dog making the best of what he has.
猫狗一旦一起养,狗肯定是受欺负的 Worth the try.
猫狗一旦一起养,狗肯定是受欺负的 Oh yeah ... this is life betches.
猫狗一旦一起养,狗肯定是受欺负的 So small but SO powerful!!! ΧD
猫狗一旦一起养,狗肯定是受欺负的 The cat stole his bed, His face says it all.
猫狗一旦一起养,狗肯定是受欺负的 At least this dog fights for what belongs to him.
猫狗一旦一起养,狗肯定是受欺负的 We know who the boss is of this household.
猫狗一旦一起养,狗肯定是受欺负的 Cat: No fvcks given!
猫狗一旦一起养,狗肯定是受欺负的 He's so mad, even his eyes are glowing! 狗狗怒了,两眼冒青光! 猫狗一旦一起养,狗肯定是受欺负的 Haha. The dog is like: You seeing this?