PS. 中文翻译仅代表译者个人观点,仅供参考。 1、Tahiti / 大溪地 Tahiti / 大溪地 Tahiti- the island is full of picturesque landscape, vanilla farms, and worthy rain forests. Tahiti gets few tourists as compared to Hawaii. So you and your guests will enjoy great service and free beaches. Evening can be cool and dry season runs from May to October. You have to remind you guests to pack sweaters for the evening. 塔希提岛以其如画风景享誉世界,到处都是棕榈树、芬芳的香草农场和值得印成明信片的雨林风景。相比夏威夷,塔希提岛上的游客要少!因此你和客人们可以享受更优质的服务和地广人稀的海滩。5月到8月的晚上可能又冷又干燥,因此你最好提醒你的客人带上毛衣。 2、South Africa / 南非 South Africa / 南非 It is called “a world in one country” as it has towering mountains rise over a Trendy Cape Town, monkey- filled forests, and deserted beaches. South Africa’s wildlife preserves, pristine beaches, and stunning landscapes which makes your wedding and vacation ideal. December to February is ideal for beach bashes while winter is best for games if you want to entertain you guests. 南非被称为“一个国家,一个世界”, 理由很明显:崇山峻岭俯视着生机勃勃又时尚新潮的开普敦,猿声阵阵的森林和空无一人的海岸。当然了,还有原始海滩以及山间葡萄园都让这里成为理想的度假地点,以及理想的异域婚礼目的地。如果你想招待你的客人,12月到次年2月是开海滩派对的理想季节,然而冬天最好做游戏。 3、New Zealand / 新西兰 New Zealand 新西兰 It is full of its remote landscapes, golden beaches, Great Barrier Island, and frequent wildlife sightings. Water lovers will appreciate this place for their weddings. Many offshore islands which are known for their olive groves and vineyards. New Zealand’s seasons are opposite of those in the US. Most areas of the country have mild temperatures and the warmest months are December, January, and February, and the coldest are July and August. 新西兰到处都是一望无际的风景,浪漫的金色沙滩,宁静的大屏障岛和经常出没的野生动物。水上爱好者会非常喜欢这里作为他们举办婚礼的地方。许多的沿海岛屿都因橄榄林和葡萄园闻名。新西兰的季节和美国的正好相反。新西兰大部分地方的气候很温和,最热的月份是12月,1月和2月,最冷的是七月和八月。 4、Fiji / 斐济 Fiji / 斐济 It is known for its rich sea life and friendly people. It is tropical paradise and ideal wedding destinations for people seeking exotic culture and unspoiled beaches. It is perfect place for your nature loving guests, who can see sunken ships, and feed sharks there. The best weather is Fiji’s winter season i.e. from May to October in which yearly festivals (Festival of lights and Festival of colors) takes place. Your guests will surely enjoy exciting celebrations during this period. 斐济以丰富的海洋生物和热情友好的斐济人而闻名。这里是热带天堂,对于那些追求异域文化和纯净海滩的人来说这里是理想的结婚圣地。对于你那些爱好自然的宾客,斐济是极好的地方,他们可以看到斑驳的沉船,还能喂鲨鱼。斐济冬天的天气最好,其中每年重要的节日都是在5月到10月(排灯节和色彩节)。你的客人一定会喜欢在此期间的精彩活动。 5、France / 法国 France / 法国 The World’s most romantic city, yes, we are talking about Paris, just two hours from it France is full of historic villages, castles, charming people, wines and good food. If you are planning for a dream destination wedding France is the place for you. Between April and June, you can plan your wedding in France. During this period it has mild temperatures, and it will become perfect wedding destination. 世界上最浪漫的城市,是的,我们说的是巴黎。从法国充满历史的村庄到巴黎只需要2个小时路程,在这里你将面对仙境般的城堡、历史悠久的村庄、可爱的人民、还有美酒佳肴。如果你正在计划梦想中的目的地婚礼,因此,这里让你你拥有了梦幻目的地婚礼所需的一切。4月到6月,你可以计划在法国举办你的婚礼。在此期间,法国气温比较适宜,它将会成为完美的婚礼目的地。