1. Italy: Tiramisu 意大利:提拉米苏 Italy: Tiramisu 意大利:提拉米苏 Meaning "pick me up" in Italian,it should be made from layers of ladyfingers dipped in coffee and heaped with mascarpone cheese whipped with eggs and sugar, but many modern versions use sponge cake instead and some add coffee liqueur to give an extra kick.
2. Germany: Black Forest Cake 德国:黑森林蛋糕 Germany: Black Forest Cake 德国:黑森林蛋糕 Its German name is Schwarzwalder kirschtorte and it must be made with kirschwasser -- cherry brandy. With the addition of whipped cream, each bite is like eating a cocktail.
它的德国名字是Schwarzwalder kirschtorte,它必须加入半杯樱桃白兰地。濃郁酒香搭配鮮奶油每一口都像在吃鸡尾酒。
3. Australia: Lamington 澳大利亚:莱明顿蛋糕 Australia: Lamington 澳大利亚:莱明顿蛋糕 They use a zesty raspberry jam as a filling and a chocolate ganache coating with the quintessential shredded coconut dusting. Bits of plain sponge cake are given new life.
4. Hong Kong: Ma Lai Go 香港:马拉糕 Hong Kong: Ma Lai Go 香港:马拉糕 The "Ma Lai Go" is a sponge cake steamed in a bamboo basket. Made from flour, eggs, butter, lard and brown sugar, fermented for a long time to give the cake that extra puffiness, the Ma Lai Go has an addictive caramel flavor and a satisfying chewiness.
5. Mexico: Tres Leches Cake 墨西哥:三奶蛋糕 Mexico: Tres Leches Cake 墨西哥:三奶蛋糕cdb32fb95cfdfff8d7535fb9b37911a2.jpg3c3f72f08e63f6606380fce048ea02e1.jpg It's a very light sponge cake soaked in a mixture of condensed milk, evaporated milk and regular milk -- the three milks that give it its name -- then coated in lashings of whipped cream.
6. Austria: Kaiserschmarrn 奥地利:皇帝煎饼 Austria: Kaiserschmarrn 奥地利:皇帝煎饼 Austrian Kaiser Franz Joseph I was particularly fond of fluffy pancakes, but he had to have them shredded up into little pieces and drenched in a fruit sauce.
7. Great Britain: Victoria Sponge 英国:维多利亚海绵蛋糕 Great Britain: Victoria Sponge 英国:维多利亚海绵蛋糕 In the land of afternoon teas and the world's best-known royal family, one cake rules them all: the Victoria sponge. Named after sweet-toothed Queen Victoria, It comprises two light and buttery sponges that sandwich raspberry jam. The simple treat is said to be the ultimate cake challenge for bakers -- as its basic recipe offers no room for error.