They used to be brimming with tens of thousands of fans hoping for their countries' teams to be victorious - but eerie photographs have revealed the sites of the past Olympics games have been reduced to rubble by neglect.
昔日辉煌奥运场馆今何在?盘点组照吓死你 昔日辉煌奥运场馆今何在?盘点组照吓死你 The Olympics podium used to award skiers with their medals at the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics on Mount Igman in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been reduced to rubble over the decades 1984年.
昔日辉煌奥运场馆今何在?盘点组照吓死你 In Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, thedisused bobsled from the 1984 Winter Olympics has been vandalised and is now enjoyed by hordes of mountain biker.
昔日辉煌奥运场馆今何在?盘点组照吓死你 The land used for the Sarajevo Olympic Games in 1984 is now used as an graveyard with remnants of the abandoned stadiums visible from the site.
昔日辉煌奥运场馆今何在?盘点组照吓死你 In Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy, the disused ski-jumping course from the 1956 Winter Olympics threatens to collapse fromdecomposition.
在意大利科蒂纳丹佩佐, 1956年冬季奥运会的跳台滑雪赛道遭腐蚀,眼看着要坍塌瓦解。
昔日辉煌奥运场馆今何在?盘点组照吓死你 There are similar sites in Athens, Greece, with a swimming pool in the former Olympic Village filled with brown murky water, litter and a discarded office chair.
昔日辉煌奥运场馆今何在?盘点组照吓死你 In Athens, this stadium was the site for the Olympic softball in 2004, but has since been abandoned.
昔日辉煌奥运场馆今何在?盘点组照吓死你 This swimming pool from the 1936 Olympic village in Elsral, west of Berlin, has been completely drained and has filled with sand and dirt from the peeling ceiling.
昔日辉煌奥运场馆今何在?盘点组照吓死你 Nearby at the former Hellinikon Olympic complex, the Canoe and Kayak Slalom Centre has been completely drained, with the bollards formerly used as competitor obstacles still remaining, but now discoloured from the sun.