爱思英语编者按:对于国外的大学,很多同学都是向往的,比如牛津、哈佛、斯坦福。小编今天会给大家介绍一下五大专业少而精的美国大学。   大学1.jpg   For international students, the liberal arts system often serves as a compelling reason to apply to an American university—most U.S. colleges give you the freedom to spend one or two years exploring a range of subjects before deciding on a major. However, for applicants who are certain about their intended field of study, the U.S. is also home to several institutions that specialize in a limited range of majors, or even just one! 对于国际生,美国大学的人文专业往往最具吸引力——大多美国学院会给你一到两年的时间尝试不同学科然后决定自己的专业。然而,对于那些已经确定自己发展方向的申请者,美国同样拥有不少专注于特定领域的学府,甚至有些仅有一个专业! HARVEY MUDD COLLEGE (CLAREMONT, CA)/哈维穆德学院(克莱尔蒙特,加州) 大学2.jpg At Harvey Mudd, students pick from just a handful of majors: biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, engineering and mathematics. However, this quantitative focus doesn’t translate to a lack of emphasis on the humanities and social sciences: on the contrary, the college emphasizes the need for STEM students to study outside their majors in order to understand their impact on society. Students can choose from a variety of liberal arts classes offered on campus, or enroll in courses offered by any university in the Claremont Colleges system. 在哈维穆德,学生的选择范围很小,专业只有那么几个:生物、化学、物理、计算机科技、工程和数学。然而,数量上所反映出的“集中”并不意味着学院缺少对于人文和社科的重视:学院要求STEM(科学、科技、工程和数学)的学生除了学习自己的本专业外还要学习其他的知识,从而理解他们所从事的专业对于社会的影响。学生可以从学校提供的人文课程中选修,或者报名参加克莱尔蒙特的任意一所大学开设的人文课程。 BABSON COLLEGE (WELLESLEY, MA)/巴布森学院(韦尔斯利,马萨诸塞州) 大学3.jpg Devoted exclusively to entrepreneurship, Babson offers just one undergraduate degree: a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. However, students don’t just learn about principles in the classroom. Every first year student works with nine others to start a business, funded by a loan of up to $3,000 by the university. All that emphasis on hands-on learning pays off, with 99% of graduates employed or in graduate school within one year of graduation. 一心一意秉承着企业家精神的巴布森学院仅提供一个学士学位——企业管理学士学位。然而,学生们不仅仅从课堂上学习商业法则。每个一年级学生都要与其他九名同学合作开设一家公司,创业款是由学院提供的高达3000美元的贷款。对于学生创业实践的重视确有成效,学院99%的毕业生在毕业后一年内找到工作,或是在研究生院继续深造。 WEBB INSTITUTE (GLENN COVE, NY)/韦伯学院(格伦科夫镇,纽约) 大学4.jpg This tiny school offers its 80 students just one field of study: a double major in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. While its fixed curriculum doesn’t allow for any non-essential classes, there are significant benefits to Webb’s depth over breadth approach. Students gain practical experience through four required internships, 100% are employed within a year of graduation, and for U.S. citizens and green card holders, tuition is entirely free. 这所小学院提供给它的80名学生的唯一学习领域是:海洋建筑与船舶工程。尽管学院固定的课程安排并没有给不必要的课程留出任何空间,但恰恰因此,它以其在专业领域的“钻研精深”而非“涉猎宽泛”而著名。学生通过四门必修的实习课丰富了实践经验,百分之百能够在毕业后一年内就业。并且,对于美国公民以及绿卡持有者而言,学费全免。 COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES (GOLDEN, CO)/科罗拉多矿业学院(高登市,科罗拉多州) 大学5.jpg As its name might suggest, this public research university is intensely focused on geosciences. Students can choose from majors in the fields of engineering, applied sciences, geosciences, and resource engineering, including creative offerings like environmental chemistry and petroleum engineering. While students at Mines can complement their studies with a variety of liberal arts courses, the sole social science major—a B.S. in Economics—still has a heavy focus on the economics of energy and natural resources. 顾名思义,这所公立研究型大学的研究领域主要集中于地质科学。学生们能够从以下领域选取自己的专业:工程学、应用科学、地质科学、资源工程。该大学还创新性地开设环境化学与石油工程课程。虽然矿业大学的学生能够选修一系列的人文课程来丰富自己的学习内容,但仅有的社科专业——经济学理学士——仍旧非常侧重于能源与自然资源方面的经济研究 THE COOPER UNION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE AND ART (NEW YORK, NY)/ 库伯高等科学艺术联合大学(纽约)   大学6.jpg   Located in New York City, this selective college offers students three choices of major: Architecture, Fine Arts and Engineering. Founded in 1859, Cooper Union has since its inception been open to all students of sufficient merit, regardless of race, gender or social class. In the spirit of its initial vision of social equality and public outreach, all students receive a 50% merit scholarship, and the college offers a variety of public education programs. 这所重点大学坐落于纽约市,其设立的专业仅有建筑、美术与工程。大学建于1859年,库伯联合大学自设立起便招收一切有才华的学生,并无种族、性别、社会阶层的限制。本着最初建校时的社会平等与服务公众理念,所有的在校学生都能申请到优秀学生奖学金的半奖,同时大学还提供各种各样的公共教育项目。