In what kind of work environment are you most comfortable? 你在什么样的工作环境下感觉最好? I function best in a positive but competitive environment. 在积极又充满竞争的环境中,我最能发挥能力。 I come from a sports background,so I perform well when the adrenaline is pumping, 我是运动员出身,因此在紧张刺激的环境下,我会有很好的表现。 but I've also found that in most cases,encouragement and positive thinking lead to optimal performance. 但是我也发现,在大部分情况下,鼓励和积极的思考也能成就最理想的结果。 So,I want to feel like the starter's gun just went off when I begin my workday,that I'm off and running,but I also want upbeat people beside me and all round me,if possible. 所以,当我开始一天的工作时,我希望感觉像是赛跑时发令员的枪刚刚响起一样,飞奔向前。可能的话,我也希望周围都是朝气蓬勃的人。 That would be ideal. 那将是最理想的。 要考虑招聘公司的企业文化和工作环境,然后做出正面的回答。 the starter's gun goes off 起跑的枪声响起;事情开始 Describe what you feel to be an ideal work environment. 请描述一下你认为的最理想的工作环境。