Section A Directions:In this section,there is a passage with ten blanks.You are required to select one word for each blankfrom a list of choices given in a word bankfollowing the passage.Read the passage through carefully before making your choices.Each choice in the bank is identified by a letter.Please mark the corresponding letterfor each item on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.You may not use any ofthe words in the bank more than once. Questions 36 t0 45 are based on thefoRowingpassage. Electronic cigarettes will face new(36)__________in the US,the US Food and Drug Administra-tion(37)__________yesterday.These will include curbs on sales to minors and distribution of fi'ee samples,as well as provisions forcing manufacturers to place warnings on packaging. The long-awaited proposals—which also demand that the manufacturers should disclose all the ingredients in details and make claims of(38)__________risk only if scientifically validated--are less stringent(严厉的)than the Europe legislations voted on in February.(39)__________the proposed restrictions doing nothing to control advertising or curbing the sale offlavored products with names such as“Very Berrylicious”,(40)__________of e-cigarettes claim that they are more(41)__________and scientific than the EU rules. “This is much less onerous than the European Tobacco Products directive,”says Gerry Stimson,a UKconsultant who supports“least harm"’solutions to health problems.“It is clear that the FDA process,(42)__________the EU,follows the science,but this is just a first step and the regulatory process could take years,duringwhich the products and the market will develop.” The proposals will likely(43)__________further debate for and against e-cigarettes,which call resemble real cigarettes but contain no tobacco,only a vaporized form of pure nicotine that users breathe in and out. Backers of e-cigarettes say they have great(44)__________to help hardened smokers quit or cut down,because unlike other nicotine replacement products,they closely(45)__________cigarettes,both in appearance and use. A.popular B.restrictions C.potential D.importance E.despite F.provoke G.announced I.resemble J.proponents K.maintain L.pragmatic M.claim N.reduced O.unlike 昨日,美国食品药物监管局(37)宣布,美国将针对电子烟问题拟定新的(36)制约条例。其中包括,向未成年人出售管制,免费样品的分发,以及勒令制造商在外包装卜讲行健康提示的规定等等。 这些被期许已久的提议规定:制造商应该明确公开产品的生产成分,另外,只有被证明是科学合理的,厂商才可以对外宣称产品是(38)降低风险的。即使如此,与今年二月在欧洲通过的有关律法而言,这些规定依然不够严厉。(39)尽管这些制约条例对于广告宣传的控制以及风味品销售的管制没有效力,但是电子烟的(40)拥护者们还是声称它们比欧盟的那些规定更加(41)实用、科学。 联合国顾问格里·斯廷森支持健康危害最小化的方案,他说:“这些新的限制远比欧洲关于烟草产品的指令轻。明显(42)与欧盟不同的是,美国食品药物监管局是紧随科学步伐的。然而,这迈出的只是第一步,整个监管程序是非常耗时的;但在这期间,产品和市场都会有所发展。 如此提议将会进一步(43)引发有关电子烟的争论,它看起来像真正的香烟但不含烟草,吸烟者吸入或呼出的只是纯尼古丁的气化物。 电子烟的支持者认为,它们有帮助嗜烟者戒烟或减量的巨大(44)潜力,因为电子烟与其他的尼古丁替代品不同,虽然它们在外形和使用方面都更(45)像香烟。