Section A Directions:In this section,there is a passage with ten blanks.You are required to select one word for each blankfrom a list ofchoices given in a word bankfollowing the passage.Read the passage through carefully before making your choices.Each choice in the bank is identified by a letter.Please mark the corresponding letterv for each item on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.You may not ase any ofthe words in the bank more than once. Questions 36 to 45 are based on the followingpassage. The poll of 2,000 adults in England was(36)__________out as part of the government’s drive to curb people’s drinking habits. The campaign also stresses that a heavy drinking session is often(37)__________by an unhealthy breakfast,which again helps to pile on the pounds. The Know Your Limits campaign has in the past focused on other(38)__________0f drinking,such as di sease risk. But to(39)__________with the focus on weight,the DepaIhiient of Health carried out research showing a regular beer drinker,who downed(喝)five pints a week or 250 over the(40)__________of a year,packed away the same number of calories as someone eating 22 1 doughnuts over the space of 12 months. It also revealed the average wine drinker consumed 2,000 calories each month.over the course of a year,that is the(41)__________ofeating all extra 38 roast beefdinners. Health minister Phil Hope said,“Regularly drinking more than our(42)__________daily limits can have a knock-on effect on our health,including an expanding waistline. “It’s not only the calories in the drinks themselves that can help to pile on the pounds,we’re also more(43)__________to eat fatty foods when we’ve had one too many.” Heather Caswell,of the British Nutrition Foundation,added,“Most people would baulk(犹豫)at consuming a full glass of single cream,but wouldn’t minl(44)__________about a couple ofpints.” “But the calorie content is similar and,over time,excess alcohol intake is likely to lead to weight gain.” And a spokesman for the Drinkaware Trust added:“It’s(45)__________we are in the know when it comes to what we are drinking.” A.consequences B.carried C.communicate. D.followed E.equivalent F.held G.twice H.likely I.coincide J.necessity K.course L.related M.imperative N. over 0.recommended 英格兰(36)开展了2000位成人的投票活动,以帮助政府努力控制人们的饮酒习惯。 这项活动同时也指出,不健康的早餐总是(37)紧随酗酒之后,这反而更加会让人长胖。 这次“了解自己的极限”的活动过去的重点是喝酒带来的如患疾病风险这类的其他(38)后果。 但是为了(39)配合民众对体重的关注,卫生署进行了研究,表明每周喝5品脱或者是在一年(40)中喝250品脱的普通啤酒饮用者,吸收的卡路里和一个在12个月内吃了221个甜甜圈的人一样多。 研究还指出,普通的葡萄酒饮用者一个月吸收2000卡路里。在一年中所吸收的热量(41)相当于吃38顿额外的烤牛肉。 卫生部长菲力•侯朴说:“经常每天喝酒超过我们(42)推荐的限制会对我们的健康产生连锁打击,包括腰围增加。” “不仅仅是酒本身中的卡路里能让我们发胖,当我们一种东西吃得太多时,我们更(43)有可能吃高脂肪食品。” 希瑟•卡斯韦尔补充说:“大多数人会在一大杯稀奶油面前踟蹰不前,但是面对几杯酒却从不会(44)犹豫。” “但是卡路里的成份是相似的,而且随着时间的推移,过量饮酒更有可能导致体重增加。” Dfinkaware信托公司的一个发言人也指出:“我们(45)必须要知道我们喝酒时都喝了些什么。”