From the cartoon given above,we can observe that there are many people in a bus. When seeing that an elder man is entering into the bus, the old man near the seat just stands up instantly, says “ please have a seat here” and offers his seat to the elder one. However, all of the other people around, young and healthy, show no intention of giving seats to the old and infirm man. The cartoon aims at informing us of the phenomenon of the gradual loss of social morality. Quite a few people today are selfish and egocentric. when putting self-interest in the first place, they tend to overlook others’ benefit or feelings and become nonchalant. Moreover, this phenomenon can also be attributed to people’s concern that their social morality, which can be best expressed through kindness, hospitality and warm-hearted behaviors, will sometimes invite unnecessary trouble. However,no one can deny the importance of social morality. It is conducive to the harmony of society, people equipped with the awareness of social morality are more likely to provide others with a helping hand, endeavor to abide by social orders and curb on their undesirable behaviors. Confronted with the inexorable decline in the emphasis of social ethics, we should adopt some measures to reverse the current situation. (218 words) 参考译文: 根据上面所给的这幅漫画,我们看到有很多人在bus上。当看到有个老者正进入车子,一旁的老人马上站了起来,并说:“请坐我的位置”然后把座位让了出来。然而,周围其余的所有人,他们年轻而且健康,却没有显示出任何想要给这位年长且虚弱的老人让位的想法。 这幅漫画旨在告诉我们一个现象,关于社会公德的逐渐缺失。现在相当多的人都很自私,以自我为中心。而当把自己的个人利益放在首位的时候,他们往往就会忽略别人的利益和感受并且变得冷漠。再者,这个现象也可以归因于人们的某种担心,他们担心通过友善、热忱和热心的行为而得到良好展示的社会公德心,有些时候反倒会给他们带来不必要的麻烦。 然而,没有人可以忽略社会公德的重要性。它有利于社会和谐,拥有社会公德意识的人们更有可能为别人提供援助之手,努力地遵守社会规则并且约束自己的不良行为。面对对社会公德的重要性的不可抑制的下滑,政府应该开展大规模的教育运动来营造出一种尊重社会公德的氛围。与此同时,我们自己也应该提高意识。