27.jpg Clank your perseverance and hard bone is an example I will never, I learned from there to exert your strength, through frustration, to success, Dad, you are my role model, I love you!
Give you unlimited gratitude and warm wishes, there are many memories and deep feelings that the thoughts. Because you are very kind-hearted, it is difficult to form words, I wish you a Happy Father's Day!
Dad, you are the best!
Dad, please embrace me once again!
Dad, I hate to preach, to tell me how to become rich!
Dad, this is our most precious memories and understanding!
Dad, are you the most in my mind the great!
The father of all the world would like to be able to cherish the real mother of all the world to become one of their arms to support each other. Dad, thank you for everything I do, I will redouble our efforts to study and work to repay your upbringing, I love you. Today is Father's Day, I am deeply bless you a happy holiday!
愿天下所有的父亲都能够真正的珍爱天下所有的母亲,成为她们相互支撑的一个臂膀。 ·爸爸,感谢您为我做的一切,我一定会加倍努力工作学习来报答您的养育,我爱您。今天是父亲节,我深深的祝福您节日快乐!
Father's teachings, like a lamp, to illuminate the future for me; father's care as an umbrella for wind and rain I am obscure. I wish you a Happy Father's Day! !
Dad, you will always be in my heart the most type, the best father, I wish you a Happy Father's Day! !
I wish my father and I accomplished a very happy holiday season, you will always be the idol of my heart - is the star as characters!
Dear Dad, you have always cherished the memory of childhood to take me to the park to play, when your big hand, so strong, thank you for my training, I wish a happy Father's Day!
About ray breeze for you, God bless the father of a healthy and happy! His hard work is only now you also have to let me because you feel better world.
Father, there are always many ways I stay happy, the father is always most concerned about one of my father I love you! I wish his father happy!
Whenever I think of you very proud, is to motivate you at all times I have been forging ahead. In this special festival, I bless you!
Your pay, your hope, only for our growth. Thank you, Dad.
The annual day you, in the absence of time around I hope that too happily every seconds. Father, worked hard!
Pay one's respects to gently say to my heart like a blessing into the warmth of the sun, the eternal places to stay in your eyes, mind you.
I will remember forever, in my hands on the shoulders, the wind from the time how warm; forever I will remember that I grew up with back, with your years of happiness into my worry-free! Dad wishes a happy holiday!
Cui Wei of the number of mountains can not outline your Wei; how many years can not be extraordinary portrait of the wind out of your face, Father, I thank you all for me. Happy Father's Day! xzhufu.com
Understand their children's father is smart.
Dad, you let me have a wider sky, let me see you higher and farther.
Desertification thoughts to the hearts of countless blessings unlimited silently pray for you, and I wish you health and happiness!
Dad, I'll give you got to hear that you like the song, I wish the old man happy!