Martin Henfield talks about some of his experience(经历) as a twin: when we were small my mother dressed us __1_  the same clothes. That was bad enough and we didn’t like it. But we went on our first camping trip, it was even __2__. We were only ten years old, and while __3_  went into their sleeping bags for the  _4__, we were not happy to snuggle(偎依) inside a double sleeping bag my mother made for us. At school our classmates __5__us Henfield One and Henfield Two, so people ___6__ even see our difference according to our initials  because __7__ of us were M.O. It was only when I went to  _8___ and began to have my own friends that I started to feel my own freedom of identity(身份). Before I went to college, during my secondary school __9__, I __10__ to a job on a building site. My twin brother, Mike Henfield, didn’t work. One day I asked my boss, “Can I have a week  _11__?”  “Certainly,” he said, “but you won’t have the job when you   12__ back.” I didn’t want to __13__ the job. So on Monday morning, Mike went there   in my  _14__, jacket and hat and he worked for me for one week __15___ of them knew the difference. 1. A. in B. for C. on  D. with 2. A. badder B. worse C. good D. better 3. A. all boys B. another boy C. all the other boysD. all the boys 4. A. dayB. holiday C. night D. mid-night 5. A. called B. knew C. told D. made 6. A. didn’t B. needn’t C. mustn’t D. couldn’t 7. A. very B. each C. both D. all 8. A. middle schoolB. collegeC. high schoolD. school 9. A. holidays B. week C. weekend D. holiday 10. A. received B. got C. find D. made 11. A. off B. free C. on D. back 12. A. came B. will get C. got D. are 13. A. miss B. lose C. lost D. losing 14. A. coat B. shirt C. shoes D. trousers 15. A. None B. Nobody C. All D. Each  名师点评 这是一则关于双胞胎的故事, 说明了作为双胞胎既有他们苦恼的一面, 也有乐趣的一面. 在做这则完型填空时, 只要抓住双胞胎非常相像这一特点, 就很容易理解其中发生的事情了。 答案解析 1. A。“给某人穿(衣服)”应为dress sb. in。 2. B 根据下文可知野营中的情况比平时更糟糕.。 3. C。the other加名词复数表示“剩余的所有的人”。 4. C。睡袋应用于夜间。 5. A。“称呼某人……”用call sb. …。 6. D。 7. C。根据后面的系动词were, 应用both表复数。 8. B。根据上下文可知, 直到大学, 这种情况才有所改变。 9. D。指中学生涯的最后一个假期。 10. B。“找到一份工作”可用get/find a job, 但此处应用过去时。 11. A。have a week off 休息一个星期。 12. D。只有D项时态正确。 13. B。 14. D。 15. A。没有一个人看出这时双胞胎交换了一下。B项不可带of。