本文为大家准备了一篇英语六级完形填空精选练习,希望同学们多加练习,取得优异的英语六级成绩。 Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked [A], [B], [C] and[D] on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the center. 注意:此部分试题请在答题卡2上作答 Coffee can be considered one of nature’s greatest gifts. It gives mental and emotional 62 without harmful side effects, and it 63 a wealth of nutrients. Yet, when most people drink coffee, they are not thinking that the beverage is 64 their health. In fact, some may even feel a little guilty, 65 some believe coffee isn’t good for you at all. Well, coffee, like anything else, can cause problems if too much is 66 . Moderate consumption of coffee 67 your body with a wealth of antioxidants. These substances are responsible 68 eliminating free radicals. They are the chemical byproducts produced any time your body does, something. A small number of them can help serve 69 a buffer against negative elements, if they aren’t 70 in check. they can cause health problems. Antioxidants ensure that this doesn’t happen. The psychological effects of caffeine cannot be 71either. Not only does caffeine make you more 72 , but it can actually affect your mood. If you were feeling 73 or overwhelmed, a nice cup of coffee could change your 74 .The stack of work that seemed impossible before isn’t even a problem now. 75., caffeine helps stimulate creativity as it speeds up the body’s functioning. That’s why coffee is often 76 with writers and other intellectual professions. Other drugs 77 to make people dumber. Consider what happens when people get high off of crack or when they get drunk off of alcohol. They won’t be 78 at all. But with coffee, an individual gets a creative boost 79 still helping their bodies. In conclusion, don’t feel bad when you’re brewing your morning cup of coffee. 80. a can of soda or a shot of alcohol, coffee will make you feel wonderful while keeping you healthy. Just remember, you do have to consume the beverage in 81 . 62. [A] clean [B] clarity [C] brightness [D] clear 63. [A] combines [B] contents [C] consists [D] contains 64. [A] improving [B] harming [C] threatening [D] stimulating 65. [A] and [B] but [C] since [D] while 66. [A] consumed [B] conducted [C] engaged [D] attracted 67. [A] provides [B] attributes [C] absorbs [D] attaches 68. [A] with [B] of [C] for [D] to 69. [A] for [B]for [C] to [D] with 70. [A] taken [B] made [C] put [D] kept 71. [A] ignored [B] abandoned [C] deleted [D] canceled 72. [A] stern [B] shrewd [C] alert [D] nasty 73. [A] immersed [B] depressed [C] oppressed [D] compelled 74. [A] interpretive [B] relative [C] representative [D] perspective 75. [A] On the contrary [B] On the other hand [C] In addition [D] At last 76. [A] associated [B] connected [C] coincided [D] compared 77. [A] intend [B] tend [C] extend [D] pretend 78. [A] deliberate [B] credible [C] accurate [D] functional 79. [A] though [B] while [C] before [D] until 80. [A] Like [B] Whether [C] Either [D] Unlike 81. [A] moderation [B] particular [C] meditation [D] standard  
62.B词义辨析题。四个选项中clean作形容词时,意为“干净的”,clarity为名词,意为“(思想、文体等的)清楚,明晰”,brightness为名词,意为“光亮,明亮”,clear作形容词时,意为“清楚的,清晰的”。该句中give后要接名词作宾语,故符合题意的有clarity和brightness,又因为咖啡会使人精神和心情“明朗”而不是“光亮”,故选B。 63.D词义辨析题。空格所在句要表达“含有丰富的营养物质”。contain意为“包含”,符合题意;其他选项combine意为“联合,结合”,content作动词时意为“使满足”,consist意为“由……组成”,均不符合题意,故选D。 64.A词义辨析题。根据下文“事实上,甚至有些人觉得自己做错了事”,可知此处要表达的是:大多数人在喝咖啡的时候,不相信这种饮料会对身体有益,故选A;其他三项harm意为“伤害”,threaten意为“威胁”,stimulate意为“刺激”,均不符合题意。 65.C逻辑衔接题。根据句意“事实上,有些人会觉得自己在犯错误,—他们相信咖啡对身体有害”,可知句子前后为因果关系,此处只有since可引导原因状语从句,故选C。 66.A词义辨析题。四个选项中consume意为“消耗”,conduct意为“引导,管理”,engage意为“使从事于”,attract意为“吸引”。根据句意“咖啡与其他的东西一样,过量—就会产生问题”,可知此处要表达的是“过量消耗”,故选A。 , 67.A词义辨析题。空格所在句的意思是:适当喝些咖啡可以给你的身体—丰富的抗氧化剂。四个选项中provide意为“提供”,attribute意为“归因于”,absorb意为“吸收”,attach意为“系上”,结合句意可知本题选A。 68.C惯用搭配题。空格所在句的意思是:这些抗氧化剂物质负责消灭自由基,be responsible for为固定用法,意为“对……负责”,故答案为C。 69.B语法结构题。as作介词,意为“当作”,常与serve连用,故答案为B。 70.D惯用搭配题。Keep in check为固定搭配,意为“控制,约束,牵制”,空格所在句的意思是:如果这些自由基不被控制的话,就会产生健康问题,故选D。 71.A词义辨析题。空格所在句的意思是:咖啡因在心理上的作用也不能被 。四个选项中ignore意为“忽视”,abandon意为“遗弃”,delete意为“删除”,cancel意为“取消”,结合句意可知本题选A。 72.C词义辨析题。空格所在句的意思是:咖啡因不仅使你更 ,事实上它也影响你的心情。四个选项中stem意为“严厉的,苛刻的”,shrewd意为“精明的”,alert意为“清醒的”,nasty意为“污秽的,肮脏的”,结合句意可知本题选C。 73.B词义辨析题。四个选项中immerse意为“沉浸,使陷入”,depress意为“使沮丧,使压抑”,0ppress意为“压迫”,compel意为“强迫”。or前后的两个词应该形式相近,且意思相近,or后的词overwhelm意为“受打击”,根据近义词复现原则本题选B。 74.D词义辨析题。此空前为人称代词your,故此处需要选一个名词,四个选项中interpretive为形容词,意为“作为说明的”,relative作名词时意为“亲戚”,representative作名词时意为“代表”,perspective意为“观点,看法”,此处表达的是“一杯咖啡就可以改变你的看法,原来不可能完成的大量工作现在也不再是问题了”,故选D。 75.C逻辑衔接题。上一段说到了咖啡因可以改变人的心情,本段又说到咖啡因可以刺激人的创造力,可见此处需要填一个表示承上启下作用的词,in addition意为“另外”,符合题意,故选C。 76.A词义辨析题。be associated with是固定用法,意为“与……有关联”,此处表达的是“这就是为什么咖啡与作家和一些脑力劳动者有关联的原因”;其他三项connect意为“连接”,指两个实物的连接,coincide意为“一致,符合”,compare意为“比较”,均不符合题意,故选A。 77.B词义辨析题。此处表达的是“其他的药物使人变得更愚蠢”。intend为及物动词,意为“打算”,tend意为 “趋向”,extend意为“扩大”,pretend意为“假装”,四个选项中只有tend to符合句意,故选B。 78.D词义辨析题。四个选项中deliberate意为“深思熟虑的”,credible意为“可靠的”,accurate意为“正确的”,functional意为“功能的”。上文提到被撞到或者喝醉的人,根据常识可知这样的人会失去知觉,肌体功能也会丧失,故functional符合题意,故选D。 79.B逻辑衔接题。根据上下文可知,咖啡可以使人文思如泉涌的同时,也可以保持身体机能正常,while此处表示“与此同时”,故选B。 80.D逻辑衔接题。此处表达“咖啡不像苏打水和酒一样,它们可以使人更健康”,故选D。 81.A词义辨析题。最后作者给读者一句忠告,喝咖啡要适量,回应原文第二段首句。in moderation为固定用法,意为“适当地”,故选A。