The Impact of the Internet on Interpersonal Communication As is described in the picture, a father asks her daughter how her school today goes on. Instead of answering directly, the daughter tells her father to read her blog. It is common that youngsters nowadays incline to communicate with others on internet increasingly, and lack communication with people around them. With the development of Internet, it has influenced our society to a large extent, especially interpersonal communication. To begin with, we can communicate with others anytime via internet. Otherwise, we would have to arrange our schedules strictly in advance. Also, interpersonal communication through the internet is not restricted by space. For example, in most multinational corporations, instant messages and video conferences help colleagues solve problems timely and efficiently. Last but not least, the internet can greatly speed up our interpersonal communication. Whereas, there are also disadvantages that the internet brings to us. More and more people complained that they have lost face-to-face communicating skills. As a result, people become more and more indifferent to each other in real life. Some netizens who are immersed in virtual world even have difficulty in making friends in reality. In conclusion, communication through the internet could bring us both convenience and inconvenience. We should strike a balance between them and make the best of the internet. 【点评】 这次的六级写作是请考生谈谈网络对人际交流的影响。这个话题本身已是日常生活的热点,考生并不陌生,有话可说。 文章的展开还是同过去的议论文写作一致。仍然可以用引入、阐释有何影响和自己的观点这样的三段式进行写作。在行文时,注意文章的层次和逻辑梳理,在谈具体影响时,可适当进行对比论证,论证网络出现和没有网络时,人际交流的差异,也可进行结合自身经历进行举例论证。 本篇范文在句式上,长短搭配,形式多变。从句、非谓语动词等多种表达方式,值得借鉴。同时,用词同样注意多样化,对网络相关词汇的多种表达(web, cyber, instant message, video conference等),考生同样应在平时注意归类、积累。