Hello, everybody. I know how anxious you are in making great progress in TWE. I now list several steps you possibly need to take.
   1. Do write at least two essays a week and mark them according to the criteria listed below.
   2. You must write with a pencil, within 30 mins.
   3. When actually write an essay, follow 3 steps:
   a. Carefully analyze the given topic. Choose your side, and write down several reasons on a draft paper.
   b. Write the essay. Pay most attention in writing the begging para and topic sentences of every other paras.
   c. Five mins before the limit, make yourself known. Do spare 1-3 mins to review your essay.
   4. Choose these topics as your major tasks.
   a. TWE topics tested after 97.8
   b. Hot topics: Environment, energy, investment, money, travelling TV as a medium, etc.