Describe a historical period that you are interested in  You should say:  What the historical period is  How you know it  What happened during that period  Why you find it interesting  1-4月雅思口语新题part2范文之:历史时期(Describe a historical period)  Speaking of a period of history that I fond of,I would like to talk something about the Middle age. Life in the Middle Ages was completely different than we see it today. Some reflections of life of that period are found in cinemas but most of them are unrealistic. They are filled with fantasies. The real life in the Middle Ages was filled with classifications and the feudal system dominated the entire society. And most importantly, people were superstitious to a great extent. This is a very smart candidate task card and I am happy to have it in my share.  In some terms, living in the Middle Ages was beneficial. Life was not so much complicated as it is found today. People used to live near nature. And there were fewer traffic congestions in the streets. Though the streets remained crowded round the day, there were no troubles among the pedestrians and people used to live in their own way. Minding the own business was the key task. The other important benefit was that they did not think so much about the career or about the other silly issues that matter most in the present day.  But there were some drawbacks as well. The classification was the most important obstacle of this age. People were classified into various groups and the noblemen used to dominate the poorer section of the society. The scope of entertainment was limited and the lower parts of the society had no or little access to such activities. The daily life in this age was the subject of wealth and power.  I would like to have lived in that period of time. In fact, a fascination works in me about that age. I have seen numerous events in movies and got addicted to the age. So, I want to travel in the streets with a dimmed lantern with me and enjoy the views around.  相关口语语料  Life began even before history was recorded. Human civilization has changed during the course of time and experienced different ages. This cue card question asks to describe how life was in particular period of history and here are some other hints to start the answer.  1. Life in the Stone Age was tough for humans. They did not have modern tools to live on. Hunting was the key profession of people. They used stones to hunt animals to be served as foods. The age is also divided into several periods and it is thought that socialization began at this age.  2. The invention of mathematics was the best achievement in Bronze Age. The Age is named so due to the rise of bronze tools. People of this age started using bronze-made tools in their everyday life. This is a major age in human history.  3. Application of iron-made materials began in the Iron Age. This is an important age in the expansion of human history. People in this age started using iron massively as this metal was far durable than the other types of tools and instruments in their life. Most of the technological advancement took place in this age.  4. The civilization of ancient Egypt plays an important role in human history. The duration of this civilization was between 3000 to 300 BCE beside the Nile. The age is remarkable for the technological, military, cultural and religious advancement. Pharaohs controlled the states and now we have their relics in pyramids.  5. A large part of the world was under the domination of Roman empire during the 1st century. Christianity appeared in this century and it gave birth to many other political and religious events. Expansion of literature was a remarkable achievement in this age.  6. The 15th century is considered a bridge among the renaissance, middle age and early modern period. Fall of empires, mapping of the world, development of renaissance etc. are the key achievement of this century.  7. At present we are in the 21st century- also known as the modern age. We are having all the modern benefits. Technological, medical and religious advancements are the key features. Living has become comfortable and easy communication has removed distances. The world has become a global village.