Boys hair freezes during three mile walk to school in -9℃在零下九摄氏度的寒温中走了三英里的男孩头发结冰1.pngThe picture,which has now gone viral on social media,was taken by Fu Heng,headmaster of Zhuangshanbao primary school in Xinjie Toweship,China.这张如今已经在社交媒体上广泛传播的照片,是由新街镇转山包小学的校长付恒拍摄的。A boy turned up to class with frozen hair this week after walking three miles to school in below freezing temperatures.本周,一个在零下冰天雪地中走了三英里的的男孩出现在教室,头发都结冰了。The 10-year-old, who has been dubbed ‘Snowflake Boy’ after hitting headlines overnight, walked the lengthy journey in a bid to sit his exams.这个十岁的男孩一夜之间成为头条新闻后,被称为“冰花男孩”,他为了参加考试,走了很长的路。Fu said he decided not to reveal the boy's name but did say that he was one of their third-grade pupils.校长付恒说他决定不透露这个男孩的名字,只说他是一名三年级的学生。The photo showing the red-cheeked schoolboy with a full head of white icy hair was taken right after he had stepped into the classroom at the rural school.这张照片是在他走进农村学校的教室后拍摄的,照片上的他脸蛋通红,满头冰花。Fu said: ‘It was the first day of their final exams.  The temperatures dropped to minus nine degrees Celsius in about 30 minutes that morning.’付说:“这是他们期末考试的第一天。那天早上大约有30分钟,气温下降到零下9摄氏度。The headmaster said the boy lives a fair distance from the school, and that he is known as the ‘class clown’, always finding a way to make his 16 classmates laugh.校长说这个男孩住得离学校很远,他被称为“班级小丑”,因为他总是想办法逗其他16个同学笑。The boy sadly does not live with his parents, as they are both working in larger cities to earn higher wages.男孩并不和父母住在一起,因为他的父母为了赚取更高的工资,都在大城市工作。He is living with several siblings and elderly relatives.他现在和几个兄弟姐妹及年长的亲戚住在一起。Fu said the school provides him and others like him with breakfast, but admitted that their classrooms were not yet equipped with heating due to a lack of funding.付说,学校为他和其他像他一样的学生提供了早餐,但他承认由于缺乏资金,他们的教室还没有配备暖气设备。